Frank Best is a lifelong resident of Louisa County. He graduated from the University of Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in art and art history.

Since moving back to Columbus City after graduating from college, Frank has spent much of his time working toward facilitating change and making a difference in the lives of those around him. As he sat in his hometown, he realized that there were real problems facing the town and its future. He stepped up and ran for city council. When the solutions to the problems become overwhelming and he was unable to implement change while sitting on the council, he stepped up and ran for mayor. While occupying the office of mayor, he realized that the county needed to grow and develop a sense of community; people needed to know each other, take the opportunity to learn from one another and work together toward revitalizing their corner of the world. As this realization set in, Frank stepped up and created a board that brought all of the mayors and supervisors in the county together to discuss the future of the county and learn from the endeavors of the others on the board.

The board soon realized that Louisa County needed a serious economic boost, and Frank collaborated with a number of people to ensure that the county got exactly that. The group became a fiscal think tank in Louisa County and developed a strategy to bring that economic development to the area.

Frank’s commitment to his community doesn’t end there. He has also assisted with the Hispanic Cultural Festival, been chair of the Columbus City Pioneer Days and served on the Louisa County Iowa Sesquintenial Board. Frank was president of the Louisa County Historical Society and was appointed to the Historical Preservation Commission. He is also a charter member of the Sons of the American Legion Post and belongs to I.O.O.F. Lodge 365 in Columbus Junction. In addition, he is a member of the Silverleaf Rebekah Lodge in Columbus Junction.

Frank’s hard work and dedicated service was recognized with the Leland McCosh Memorial Award, given in recognition of outstanding public service to the Southeast Iowa region. He has also been appointed as a building commissioner, as chair of the Emergency Management Commission, to the South East Iowa Regional Planning Revolving Fund Loan Review Board and to the Conference Board that Oversees the County Assessor’s Office.

Frank has been very involved in the Democratic Party. He was chair and vice chair of the Louisa County Democratic Party. He was a Central Committee member, State Rules Committee member and District Central Committee member.