Russell Camerer

Russell Camerer

Russell Camerer was born June 11, 1955, in Storm Lake, Iowa. He was raised outside of Alta by Bill and Mary Camerer. His dad worked in the loading department at Hy-Grade. His mom was a full-time housewife and mother to his two brothers and himself.

Russell attended all 12 years of school in the Alta Community School District, graduating in 1973. Since the age of 12, he has always had a job. He started with babysitting at home and moved on to many types of farm work, such as bailing hay, planting, harvesting and caring for livestock, with area farmers.

At 16, Russell began working in construction, building hog confinements with a company out of South Dakota. His next job was building pole sheds for Wicks. The work required travel, so Russell was gone from the area Monday through Friday, but he spent most of his weekends in Alta with his family. While at Wicks, Russell traveled in Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Minnesota. In 1975, the sales base at Wicks moved to Fairmont, Minn., and Russell moved with the company. He stayed with the company until the winter of 1976 when he had an accident and broke both of his arms. He then moved to Alta and in with his parents to recuperate. While recuperating, he met his wife, who was attending B.V. College.

Throughout the years, Russell worked in construction, living in several different areas until he and his wife returned to Storm Lake in the summer of 1981. He started a waterbed and wood décor business, but business was slow, so he began a career at Bilmar Foods. This was a part-time job that led to 19 years of full-time work. Currently, Russell manages the Crossroads Motel.

Russell has two children, a son and daughter, who were born in March 1980 and 1983. He has fit his children’s school activities, sports and dance into his life, doing the coaching and driving as was always needed. He also spent four years in C.A.P. (Civil Air Patrol) with his son. This was a great opportunity to learn leadership skills.