Smith, a 23-year-old small business owner from Adel, Iowa, began his political career at the University of Northern Iowa where he received his bachelors in education and political science.

“I want to represent every single person who lives in district 19. True representation is an act of civil service, not a career,”Bryce Smith, democratic candidate for House district 19, which encompasses most of Dallas county and parts of Polk.

Smith worked both with and around Northern Iowa to make sure people of all backgrounds had a voice by clerking for a democratic newly elected House member.

While working at the State Capitol, Smith saw the unwillingness of the majority party to work and compromise on crucial Iowa values: education, healthcare and sustaining local communities.

“True representation is an open door between elected offices and the people of Iowa. No person should be excluded from answering nor should anyone be ignored. We are all hardworking people; it’s time we have a Representative who does the same,”Smith said.

Being originally from district 19, Smith graduated high school, worked as a teen and returned to plant roots and grow a business.

“I have already met with local educators and small business owners about issues taking place here in Iowa, and I plan to meet many more people. True representation is having your voice heard in the creation of legislation and laws,” Smith said.

Smith is eager to meet more people of district 19, keeping in mind the true values of the community. Smith believes his sharp business mindset, political education and recent experience at the State House gives him a true feel for what district 19 truly needs to see in Iowa government.

“If we as people living in Iowa do not have a voice in government, who does?”Smith said. His platform, A Voice for All, demonstrates his passion for making sure all people have a say in Iowa.