HF 2380 Farm Tenancies. A farm tenant may take any part of the aboveground part of a harvested crop (e.g., stover) until the farm tenancy terminates, unless the parties to the lease provide otherwise in writing.  (Signed by Governor, effective 7/1/10)

HF 2512 Weight Limits for Commercial Vehicles. Allows commercial motor vehicles, on non-interstate highways, to haul up to 90,000 lbs. on six axles and 96,000 lbs. on seven axles.  Currently, this is only allowed for livestock or construction vehicles.  This allows farmers to haul heavier grain on trucks with more axles.  (passed Committee 20-0) to House Calendar


HSB 731 Justice Systems Budget. Appropriates a total of $484 million from the general fund for FY 2011 to the Attorney General’s Office; the Departments of Corrections; Inspections and Appeals; Public Defense, and Public Safety; the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy; Board of Parole; and the Civil Rights Commission.  This represents an increase of $18.5 million compared to net FY 2010.  (passed Subcommittee 8-6) to House Appropriations Committee

HSB 733 Agriculture and Natural Resources Budget. Appropriates $35.9 million in general fund dollars for the operations budget of the Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, the Department of Natural Resources, and the vet diagnostic lab at Iowa State University (ISU).  This is a $341,000 cut from FY 2010.  The bill also includes $33 million for the environment first fund.  (passed Subcommittee: Senate 3-1; House 5-4) to House Appropriations

SF 2367 Administration and Regulation Budget. Covers 13 departments, agencies, and offices.  Spending increased from FY 10 estimated by $2.8 million due to a transfer of $2 million from DHS to DIA and increases created by state reorganization that will lead to overall savings.  FTEs decreased overall by 56.  Includes auditor, treasurer, secretary of state, governor; departments of administration, commerce, ethics and campaign finance, human rights, inspection and appeal, management, and revenue; drug policy office, and  rebuild Iowa office (Passed Subcommittee 5-4 on House side and 3-1 on Senate side, passed Senate Appropriations 16-9) On Senate Calendar


HF 2399 Plans for Low-Carbon Electric Generation. Establishes electric generation source diversity as desired public policy and allows IUB flexibility to help utilities plan for future generation needs, including nuclear plants. (Passed House 91-7) on Senate Calendar

HF 2489 Auto Insurance Glass Repair.  Prohibits certain actions by insurers to steer customers toward particular glass repair shops.  Also requires the Insurance Commissioner to coordinate a study of the glass repair industry and its procedures.                                    (Passed House 97-1) in Senate Commerce

SF  2073 Banking Division Licensing Boards.  Makes changes to the Accountancy, Engineering and Land Surveying, Architectural, Landscape Architectural, Interior Design, and Real Estate Appraiser boards, and the Real Estate Commission.                                           (Passed Commerce 23-0) on House Calendar

SF  2075 Use of Credit Reports by Insurers.  Requires exceptions to the use of credit reports by insurers to set rate and offer policies for those whose credit information was influenced by specified extraordinary life circumstances.                                                            (Passed Commerce 22-0) on House Calendar

SF  2157 Real Estate Installment Sales.  Requires real estate installment sales contracts that now must be recorded in 180 days to be recorded within 90 days and those that must now be recorded in 90 days to be recorded within 45 days.                                                   (Passed Commerce 23-0) on House Calendar

SF  2192 Real Estate Transfer Fee Covenants.  States that a transfer fee covenant does not run with the title and is not binding on or enforceable against a subsequent owner. Also, a lien to secure payment of a transfer fee on or after 7-1-10 is void.                             (Passed Commerce 22-1) on House Calendar

SF  2201 Insurance Division Bill.  Omnibus bill makes various noncontroversial changes in matters under the purview of the Insurance Division.                                                      (Passed Commerce 23-0) on House Calendar

SF 2313 Municipal Utility Joint Financing.  Technical cleanup of various statutes regarding municipal utilities to enter into agreements with other entities to jointly finance generation or transmission facilities.  (Signed by Governor) takes effect July 1, 2010.

Economic Growth

HF 2376 Severance Agreement Between Two Cities. Creates a process in which a property owner can petition for severance from one city and annexation by another.  Both cities must approve the change, with the final decision by the city development board.  The agreement may include the equitable distribution of property taxes between the two cities.  This bill provides landowners and cities with a clear process for severance in certain cases.  The agreement would have conditions, including that an island would not be created.  (Signed by Governor, effective July 1, 2010.)

HF 2449 Veteran Owned Business Assistance. Under the list of  primary duties of the Department of Economic Development, the department is to encourage and assist small businesses.  The bill would add small businesses owned and operated by disabled veterans.  (Passed House 98-0) to Senate Calendar

HF 2460 Small Business Contractors under the Department of Transportation. Due to court decisions in the 1990’s, the set aside program for minority business contractors under the Department of Transportation (DOT) is unusable.  An assessment would be made of the DOT on an annual basis of the impact of federal and nonfederal contracts awarded on socially and economically disadvantaged individuals, women, and persons with disabilities.  Recommendations would be submitted to the Governor and General Assembly.  The bill would have a set aside of 10% of the portion of highway contracts for bidding by prequalified small businesses, as defined in the bill.  (Passed House 98-0) to Senate Economic Growth


HF 2492 Expands Use of PPEL Funds. This bill allows school districts to use the board-approved levy (33 cents per thousand valuation) of Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL) funds for purposes in addition to those already in current law.  These include the purchase or lease of computers or computer-related equipment, technical support, and computer software and the repair costs of any equipment purchased with PPEL funds.  (passed House 58 – 39)  to Senate

SF 2178 Textbooks and Laptop Computers. Allows state funds allocated to nonpublic schools for textbooks to also be used for laptop computers or other portable personal computing devices.  There is no new funding in the bill.    (passed Committee 19 – 3)  to House Calendar

SF 2289 Deaccreditation of a School District. Allows the director of the Department of Education to order the positive fund balances held by a deaccredited school district, a school district being closed, to be transferred to the school’s general fund if the general fund has a negative balance.  Also, adds language in session law to authorize certain fund transfers.  (passed Committee 21 – 0)  to House Calendar

SF 2291 Special Education Rights. Updates the Code to address special education services and makes changes to align Iowa law with the federal law.  (signed by Governor; effective July 1, 2010)

Environmental Protection

HF 823 Green Cleaning in Schools. Creates a green cleaning program for schools to use state resources to establish green cleaning procedures in school facilities.  (passed House 52-47) to Senate

HF 2459 Watershed Quality Planning Advisory Council. Establishes a Watershed Quality Planning Advisory Council to report on improving water quality in the state.  (passed House 81-15) to Senate

SF 2243 DNR Environmental Protection Omnibus Bill. Requires the DNR to coordinate collection of greenhouse gas emissions and allows for the drinking water SRF loans to be used at state parks.  (passed House 98-0) to Governor

Human Resources

HF 2402 Stroke Triage System and Registry Plan. Requires the Iowa Department of Public Health, in cooperation with the Iowa Healthcare Collaborative and the American Heart Association, to develop a plan to implement a stroke triage system and registry.  The plan is due by January 15, 2011.  (passed Senate 47-0) to Governor

SF 2156 IowaCare Program Extension. Updates the Iowa Code to eliminate old provisions related to IowaCare.  Extends the IowaCare program so that it does not expire in July of 2010.  (passed Committee 19-0) to House Floor

SF 2158 Child Support Recovery Unit. Updates Iowa Code to conform with changes to federal and state child support guidelines.  Reduces the waiting time for parents, so that payment can be implemented earlier.  (passed Committee 19-0) to House Floor

SF 2266 Local Public Health Governance Act. Provides for the structure, powers, and duties of the local boards of health.  The bill also provides an optional process for counties to merge and create a district board of health. (passed 98-0) to Governor

SF 2331 Chiropractors and HAWK-I. Allows for all chiropractors to be eligible providers for the HAWK-I program in Iowa.  (passed 21-0) to House Floor

SF 2356 IowaCare Network Provider and Information Exchange. Expands the provider network for the IowaCare program to include federally qualified health centers to provide primary care and limited pharmaceutical benefits.  In addition, all hospitals in Iowa will be able to provide emergency care to IowaCare members.  An Information Insurance Exchange is established to assist Iowans with finding private and public insurance.  The Exchange is informational only.  (passed Committee 19-2) to House Floor


HF 2452 Driver’s License Sanctions – Ignition Interlocks. Allows greater freedom and streamlines the process for the DOT to issue temporary restricted licenses, including the requirements for ignition interlock devices, for violations of operating while intoxicated laws.  (passed House 98-0) to Senate

HF 2473 Destruction of Land Surveyor Markers. Expands the definition of criminal mischief in the third degree to include someone that intentionally injures, destroys, disturbs, or removes any marked placed by a licensed land surveyor.  (passed House 98-0) to Senate

HF 2477 Mechanics’ Liens. Creates a state construction registry for residential construction property and makes changes to mechanics’ lien requirements.  (passed House 90-0) to Senate

HF 2495 Solemnizing Marriage. Allows retired supreme court justices, retired judges, and retired judicial magistrates to solemnize marriages in the state.  (passed House 95-3) to Senate

SF 285 CJIS Updates. Updates the criminal code to conform certain code sections to requirements of the Criminal Justice Information Systems Integration (CJIS) system.  (passed Committee 18-0) to House Calendar

SF 2138 Rights of a Donee of an Anatomical Gift. Clarifies that the rights of a donee in an anatomical gift are superior to the rights of a designee named in a gift.  (passed House 97-0) to Governor

SF 2190 Wildcard Exemption for Bankruptcy. Expands the exemptions a debtor in a bankruptcy action to include any personal property, not just personal property that is not otherwise specifically exempted under the bankruptcy code section.  (passed Committee 18-0) to House Calendar

SF 2200 Transfer of Guardianship in Probate Court. Allows a juvenile court to close a guardianship case once there has been an initial permanency hearing that places the child in the custody or guardianship of another person or agency and to transfer jurisdiction over the guardianship to the probate court.  (passed Committee 16-0) to House Calendar

SF 2223 Deferral of Court Costs. Requires courts to allow a conviction, final judgment, or decree, if a party is unable to pay the fees and costs of the proceeding.  (passed Committee 16-3) to House Calendar

SF 2345 Judicial Omnibus Bill. Makes changes to the administration of the judicial branch.  (passed House 95-0) to Governor

SF 2298 Presumption Child Should Attend CINA Placement Meetings. Creates a rebuttable presumption that is in the best interests of a child at least 14 years old to attend all hearings and meetings related to placement options or services during a Child in Need of Assistance Case involving the child.  A child can attend hearings by telephone or video.  (passed Committee 19-0) to House Calendar


SF 2286 Mixed Martial Arts Matches Regulated by the Labor Commissioner. Currently by rule, the commissioner regulates professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) matches.  Some professional MMA events escape regulation by claiming to be an amateur event, and enforcement mechanisms are weak.  Over the past year, at least two incidents with amateur fights, one involving a 17-year old who was not provided emergency medical care, have raised issues with this increasingly popular sport.   SF 2286 enhances enforcement of professional MMA events, and regulates amateur MMA events without any impact to the general fund.  A participant would now have to be 18 under the bill.  The committee approved an amendment that clarifies that an event would include where merchandise or refreshments are available for purchase.  (Passed Committee 17-0) to House Floor with committee amendment.

SF 2181 Workforce Development Department Bill. The bill makes technical corrections to OSHA, a report on elevators, boilers, and child labor.  It replaces obsolete provisions concerning the adoption of OSHA standards with contemporary rule making standards.  Per recommendations of the Boiler Pressure Vessel Board, it moves an inspection schedule under the boiler inspection law, and it allows the board to write a rule governing conversion power boilers to low-pressure boilers.  It updates and moves a provision governing boilers manufactured without  an inspection plate.  It removes requirements for both youth migrant labor permits, and regular youth labor permits would now be similar by removing a requirement that applicants under 14 must obtain a certificate from a registered nurse or physician.   (Signed by Governor, effective July 1, 2010.)

Local Government

HF 2407 Recorder’s Technical Bill. Expands definition of grantee and grantor for indexing purposes so only one index is needed for all real estate transactions.  (Passed House 94-0, Passed Senate 50-0)  Signed by Governor, effective 7/1/2010

SF 2254 County Treasurers. Changes process in which charges for fence construction or repair work and water district assessments are handled so notification is given to the county treasurer rather than the auditor to enter the charges.  The amount due will then be collected in the same way as ordinary taxes.  (Passed Committee 21-0)  To House Calendar

SF 2265 Smart Planning Principles. Established smart planning principles that may be used by cities and counties in developing comprehensive plans to promote orderly growth, economic development, and flood mitigation.  (Passed Committee 11-10)  To House Calendar

SF 2328 Collection of Delinquent Taxes. The county treasurer cannot issue a vehicle registration if the owner owes delinquent taxes.  This allows treasurers to collect delinquent taxes, including penalties and interest, owed to the state, rather than sending the person elsewhere to pay.  The vehicle owner may remit the entire amount, plus a processing fee of $5.  (Passed Committee 20-1)  To House Calendar

SF 2350 Civil Service Commissioners. Allows commissioners to sell goods and services to the city if a competitive bidding process is used. (Passed House 92-0, Passed Senate 47-0)  Signed by Governor, effective 7/1/2010

Natural Resources

HF 2484 Ellis Harbor. Exempts houseboat owners at Ellis Harbor, located on the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids, from all DNR dock requirements if the dock is in compliance with local city regulations.  Allows current houseboat owners to continue to use their dock floatation devices that currently do not meet DNR requirements; however, at the time that they are replaced, they have to comply with DNR rules, and new owners are given six months from the date of transfer to get their floatation devices into compliance with DNR rules.  (passed House 96-1; passed Senate 32-15) to Governor

SF 2216 Bird Shoots on Hunting Preserves. Current law allows shooting birds on a hunting preserve with a minimum shooting range of 50 yards from the hunter.  This bill clarifies that the birds are “game” birds, meaning pen-reared birds such as wild turkeys, grouse, pheasants, quail, and mallard ducks.  It also reduces from 50 yards to 25 yards the minimum shooting range.  (passed Committee 19-1) to House Calendar

Public Safety

SF 2095 Authority of Certified Law Enforcement. Law enforcement under the Department of Public Safety, and other certified law enforcement, are exempt from needing a stamp or seal when they administer oaths, acknowledge signatures, and take voluntary testimony.  The bill also states that all certified law enforcement, not just the chief and a designee, will have the ability to administer oaths, acknowledge signatures, and take voluntary testimony.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

SF 2197 Penalties for Proving False Identification. A person who provides false identification information to a person known to be a peace officer, emergency medical care provider, or fire fighter is guilty of a simple misdemeanor.  Business owners who allow or permit minors to perform in a live act with intentions of sexual desires will be guilty of a serious misdemeanor.  (passed Senate 50-0, passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

SF 2303 Detainers Against Parolees. If there is a detainer (an arrest warrant from another state) against an inmate who is required, under 902.12, to serve at least 70% of their sentence, this inmate may be released to the other state which has the detainer before the inmate spends time in a residential facility.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

SF 2304 Reporting of Motor Vehicle Accidents. Increases the monetary threshold, from $1,000 to $1,500, in a motor vehicle accident when an accident report needs to be filed with the Department of Transportation by the driver.  This report does not need to be filed if the accident is investigated by law enforcement, because law enforcement is required to file a report.  The bill also requires snowmobile and ATV accidents resulting in injury or death or property damage amounting to $1,000 be reported to the Department of Transportation, if not investigated by law enforcement.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

SF 2344 Violator Facility – DOC. Changes the requirement that the Newton prison have a violator facility.  Funding for violator facilities was eliminated in last year’s budget, but Newton was the only institution listed in the Code.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar)

SF 2357 Domestic Abuse. Brings federal law regarding the seizure of firearms into Iowa law, which will allow judges and local enforcement to seize firearms after a hearing on protective orders, and upon conviction of domestic abuse.  (passed Senate 36-11, passed Committee 16-5) to House Calendar

Rebuild Iowa and Disaster Recovery

HF 2487 Recovery Zone Bonds. These bonds were allotted to disaster-affected counties and certain cities as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, but not all counties are using their allotment.  IFA is required to reclaim the unused allotments and redistribute them to counties or cities that will use the allotment.  (Passed House 98-0) on Senate Calendar

SF 2317 Watershed Management Authorities. Allows cities, counties, and soil and water conservation districts to form watershed management authorities using 28E agreements.  (Passed Committee 9-8)  To House Calendar

State Government

SF 2088 Reorganization of State Government. This bill puts in place numerous changes in state government designed to increase efficiencies and save taxpayer dollars.  Some of these include consolidating state purchasing and information technology, eliminating and consolidating boards and commission, and reducing the number of FTE’s throughout state government.  (House concurred in Senate amendment and passed 98 – 1)  to Governor

SF 2161 No License Required to Conduct Bingo. Allows certain organizations to conduct bingo without having a license as long as participants do not have to pay to enter, not charged to play, and prizes are donated.  (passed Committee 18 – 2) to House Calendar

SF 2194 Secretary of State. Technical cleanup bill related to election laws administered by the Secretary of State.  (signed by Governor, various effective dates)

SF 2195 Ethics and Campaign Disclosure. Makes several changes related to laws administered by the Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board including requiring disclosure when an organization is advocating that an individual run for office but the individual has not announced intent to run, adopting rules to define “fair market value” for purposes of campaign property, clarifying that a permanent organization temporarily engaging in political activity is required to disclose its campaign activities when involved in a ballot issue election as well as an election of a candidate, and directing the board to adopt rules prohibiting the owner, etc. of a sham newspaper from promoting the candidacy of any person.  (signed by Governor; various effective dates)

SF 2215 Genetic Information. Prohibits a person from obtaining genetic information or samples for genetic testing from an individual without first obtaining that persons’ informed written consent.  Exceptions are made in the bill.  (passed Committee 20 – 0) to House Calendar)

SF 2217 Purchasing of Raffle Tickets. Authorizes a participant in a raffle conducted by a qualified organization to purchase tickets using a debit card.  A qualified organization is defined as an organization that has conducted a raffle during the previous eight consecutive calendar years in which the net proceeds are distributed to a museum.  (passed Committee 16 – 4)  to House Calendar

SF 2270 Workplace Accommodations for Employees to Express Breast Milk. Requires employers to make reasonable efforts to provide an employee private place, other than a toilet stall, for the employee to express breast milk.  The break allowed would be paid or unpaid time, and be allowed for up to two years after the birth of the employee’s child. The department of workforce development is required to provide on its internet site, a link to give employers access to information about  methods of accommodating employees who express breast milk at work.  (passed Committee 11 – 9)  to House Calendar

SF 2329 Iowa Telecommunications Advisory Committee. Establishes an advisory committee to study and make recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly by December 31, 2010, regarding the current and future operation of the Iowa Communications Network.  (passed Committee 20 – 0) to House Calendar

SF 2353 Information Technology Services. Strikes antiquated references to DS3 technology and allows the technology commission to determine the appropriate manner to provide Part III services.   (passed Committee ) to House Calendar


SF 2188 Axle Weight Limitations – Temporary Exemption. Allows for an operator of a semi truck with a nonsteerable retractable axle to raise the axle when necessary to complete a turn of ninety degrees or less.  (passed Committee 18-0) to House Calendar

SF 2197 Mandatory Seat Belts for Persons Under 18 Years. Expands the current child safety seat law, from under 11 years of age to under 18 years of age.  This means that kids between the ages of 11 and 17 years must use a seat belt.  If a ticket is to be issued for failure of a passenger to wear a seat belt, the ticket will be issued to the passenger if they are at least 14 years of age, not to the driver.  (Passed Committee 19-1) to House Calendar

SF 2220 Motor Carrier Contracts. Prohibits certain indemnity clauses in motor carrier contracts which holds one the parties harmless, regardless of their actions or omissions.  (passed House 97-0) to Governor

SF 2234 Motor Vehicle Franchise Contracts. Puts in language stating that laws from other jurisdictions cannot be applied to Iowa’s auto dealers.  Also, contracts with franchises cannot require a dealer to offer only one make of autos.  (passed House 97-0) to Governor

SF 2246 Transportation Omnibus Bill. Brings all vehicles that have been modified to accommodate a person with a disability under the $60 registration fee.  Specifies that business trade trucks, as defined with the TIME-21 law, applies to model year 2010 trucks and newer.  Allows for parents needing a persons with disability placard for a child under the age of one year to get that placard with out supplying a social security number.  Clarifies that local governments still retain local authority regarding limousine and taxi routes.  (passed House 94-0) to Governor

SF 2273 Electronic Vehicle Registration & Titling Study. Requires the Department of Transportation to conduct a study of how to implement a uniform statewide system that will allow for electronic registration and titling.  The department must report back to the general assembly by December 1, 2010.  (passed Committee 18-0) to House Calendar

SF 2320 Motorcycles with Detachable Stabilizing Wheels. Allows motorcycles that are modified using conversion hardware, which will allow for the detachment and attachment of two stabilizing rear wheels, on Iowa’s roads.  (passed Senate 49-0, passed Committee 18-0) to House Calendar

Veterans Affairs

HF 755 Injured Veterans Grant Program. Expands eligibility for the Injured Veterans Grant Program to include veterans who have suffered an injury requiring at least 30 consecutive days of hospitalization at a military hospital. (passed House 99-0) on Senate Calendar

HF 2499 Notification of Recent Discharge. Requires Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs to provide copies of discharge documents of returning veterans to the county commissions of veterans affairs.  In addition, each county recorder is required to provide the county commissions of veterans affairs and the IDVA any discharge documents they receive.  The discharge documents will be considered confidential. (passed House 93-0) to Senate

SF 2175 Representation of Veterans MI/MR/DD/BI Commission. Adds an additional member to the MH/MR/DD/BI Commission who knowledgeable concerning the behavioral and mental health issues of veterans.  (passed 15-0) to House Calendar

SF 2274 Educational Benefits for Veterans and Families. Extends educational benefits for service members residing in Iowa and on the Rock Island Arsenal for students of a community college or a state university in Iowa.  (passed Committee 16-0) to House Calendar

SF 2297 Waivers and Refunds for Service Members. Waives the fees for service members and their families while deployed and after their deployment regarding utility disconnection, , hunting and fishing licenses, and birth or death certificates.  In addition, any state facilities can only charge the costs of expenses for the use of state facilities for certain designated military events.  (passed Committee 16-0) to House Calendar

SF 2318 Benefits for Service Members and Families. Requires the Department of Administrative Services to inform state employees and their families of their rights while the family member is deployed. Allows an active member of the peace officers’ retirement system to purchase service credit for military service that is not otherwise required to be recognized by federal law upon payment of the actuarial cost of the service purchase.  A service member’s obligation or liability to pay a premium for professional liability insurance coverage will be waived  during deployment.  Complies Iowa Code with federal regulations to enforce banking rate limitations for military personnel and their dependents.  (passed Committee 16-0) to House Calendar

SJR 2007 Preservation of USS Iowa. Resolution to support the USS Iowa preservation by establishing a committee to support the preservation efforts.  The Department of Cultural Affairs will provide administrative support for the committee.  The BB-61 Fund is created to support the efforts of the committee.  (passed Committee 16-0) to House Calendar