(Thursday, February 18 to Wednesday, February 24)


HF 2380     Farm Tenancies.  A farm tenant may take any part of the aboveground part of a harvested crop (e.g., stover) until the farm tenancy terminates, unless the parties to the lease provide otherwise in writing.  (passed Senate 50-0) to Governor

SF 2248      NPDES Permit Requirements from EPA.  Addresses two issues that the U.S. EPA said needed to be changed to comply with federal National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program authorization.  The bill addresses conflict of interest provisions and NPDES permit requirements.  (passed House 94-0) to Governor

SF 2299      Grain Indemnity Fund Assessment Fees for Industry.  Changes the way indemnity assessment fees, which are deposited into the grain indemnity fund, are charged to the grain industry (not producers) when the fund is in an assessment mode (required if the fund goes below $3 million, and waived when the fund reaches $8 million).  The last time the fund was in assessment mode was 1988.  (passed House 93-0) to Governor


SF 2151      FY 2010 Supplemental and DHS Funding Clean-up.  SF 2151 adjusts a number of appropriations that were funded from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) funds and substitutes general fund dollars.  The ARRA funds will be used for programs where the funding is not being used to draw-down additional federal dollars.  The bill appropriates additional federal funds for the Family Investment Program, transfers additional funding to the Mental Health State Cases Program, and appropriates funds from the Iowa Cares Account to Broadlawns Medical Center.  The net change to the general fund and the ARRA fund account is zero.  Total other funds appropriated is $12.7 million. (passed House 53-42) to Governor


HF 2075     Coverage of Cancer Trial Routine Care.  Requires health insurers to continue to cover routine care for participants in cancer trials. (Signed by Governor) Effective May 1, 2010

HF 2229     Delta Dental Bill.  Prohibits dental plan fee schedules from including provision for dental services that are not covered by the plan.  (Passed House 93-1) in Senate Commerce

HF 2405     Broadband Grants.  Allows certain proprietary information in grant applications to the Iowa Broadband Deployment Governance Board to remain confidential.                           (Passed House 94-0) in Senate Commerce

HF 2409     IFA Paperwork Reduction.  Repeals Iowa Finance Authority  requirement that banks file a paper report, as data is available online. (Passed House 94-0) in Senate Commerce

SF  2191     Banking Division Bill. Omnibus bill making various noncontroversial changes in matters under the purview of the Banking Division. (Passed House 91-0) Sent to Governor

SF 2313      Municipal Utility Joint Financing.  Technical cleanup of various statutes regarding municipal utilities to enter into agreements with other entities to jointly finance generation or transmission facilities.  (Passed House 91-0) Sent to Governor


Economic Growth

HF 2076     Iowa Innovation Council.  Combines three separate advisory councils in targeted industries into one Iowa Innovation Council.  The council would review economic development programs, collaborate relationships, and coordinate state government applications for federal funds for targeted industries.  Requires additional items to be reported on by the Commercialization Division including this new council.  The Senate amendment would make additional items to be reported on by the council.  (Passed Senate 46-0) On House Floor with Senate amendment. 

HF 2376     Severance Agreement Between Two Cities.  Creates a process in which a property owner can petition for severance from one city and annexation by another.  Both cities must approve the change, with the final decision by the city development board.  The agreement may include the equitable distribution of property taxes between the two cities.  This bill provides landowners and cities with a clear process for severance in certain cases.  The agreement would have conditions, including that an island would not be created.  (Passed the Senate 35-11) to the Governor. 

HF 2488     Young Adult Representation on Boards and Commissions.  All boards, commissions, committees, and councils are to the extent practicable, have at least one member of the board who is at least 18 and younger than 35.  (Passed House 93-2) to Senate Economic Growth.

SF 2076      Technical Changes to DED Programs and Board.  Makes technical changes to the  High Quality Jobs tax incentives and the report required by the Board of Regents on the Values Fund. Under the Iowa Student Intern Program, an Iowa high school graduate who attends a college in another state would qualify.  The bill would stagger the terms for the DED board members.  Signed by the Governor, effective upon enactment.


HF 2432     Recruitment of Minority Teachers.  Requires the Department of Education and Area Education Agencies (AEA) to conduct a study of the opportunities for recruiting racial and ethnic minority teachers from outside the state.  The study is to examine the impact of requiring racial and ethnic minority teachers in communities whose population is less than five percent racial and ethnic minority citizens and communities whose population is greater than five percent.  The report is due to the General Assembly by January 10, 2011.  (passed House 93 – 0)  to Senate

HF 2440     Market Factor Incentives.  Establishes market factor teacher incentives for school district attendance centers located in areas that have high rates of crime.  (passed House 91 – 0)  to Senate

SF 2288      Department of Education.  Technical cleanup bill.  (passed Senate 37 – 13) to House – passed on file

SF 2289      Deaccreditation of a School District.  Allows the director of the Department of Education to order the positive fund balances held by a deaccredited school district to be transferred to the school’s general fund if the general fund has a negative balance.  (passed Senate 50 – 0)  to House Education Committee

SF 2291      Special Education Rights.  Updates the Code to address special education services and makes changes to align Iowa law with the federal law.  (passed House 95 – 0) to Governor

Environmental Protection

HF 2418     Periodic Review of Air Quality Monitors.  Requires the DNR to review the location of air quality monitors and create procedures to maintain attainment of federal air quality standards.  (passed House 92-2) to Senate

HF 2437     Septic System Inspection Clarifications.  Clarifies requirements of when a septic system inspection is required and expands exclusions to situations that are similar or logically connected to exclusions currently in code.  (passed House 96-0) to Senate

HF 2496     Recycling Initiatives.  Creates a green advisory committee to create recommendations for a green certification program for minimum requirements for waste reduction, reuse, and recycling.  The green advisory committee will also make recommendations for the development and implementation of a recycling vendor and resource green list and the development of a statewide communication and outreach educational program for all recycling sectors.  (passed House 89-6) to Senate

Human Resources

HF 2144     Public Health Omnibus Bill.  This is the Department of Public Health’s Omnibus bill.  The bill makes changes dealing with public health disaster school closings, school dental screenings, and other provisions. (passed House 95-0) to Senate

HF 2402     Stroke Triage System and Registry Plan.  Requires the Iowa Department of Public Health, in cooperation with the Iowa Healthcare Collaborative and the American Heart Association, to develop a plan to implement a stroke triage system and registry.  The plan is due by January 15, 2011.  (passed House 95-0) to Senate

HF 2403     Uniform Controlled Substance Act.  Updates the state uniform controlled substance act with federal guidelines.  (passed House 94-0) to Senate

SF 117        Bicycle Bill.  Reiterates the duties of bicycles on roadways.  Establishes a scheduled fine of $250 for actions against a bicyclist.  When passing bicyclists, a motor vehicle must maintain a minimum distance of five feet from the bicyclist.  (passed Committee 11-8) to House Calendar

SF 2202      Rights of Persons with Disabilities.  Updates state code with the federal Americans with Disability Act.  This includes updating replacing “persons with physical disabilities” with “persons with disabilities,” and specifications for the construction of ramps and curb cuts.  (passed House 94-0) to Governor


HF 2253     Uniform Disclaimer of Property.  Amends Iowa code regarding tax qualified disclaimers or transfers of property and conforms Iowa law to federal law.  (passed Senate 46-0) to Governor

HF 2282     Judgment Liens on Homesteads.  Specifies a judgment lien does not attach to a homestead, except under certain circumstances.  (passed Senate 50-0) to Governor

HF 2306     Judicial Branch Records.  Clarifies open records requirements for Judicial Records and protects personal information in judicial records. (passed House 95-0) to Senate

HF 2307     Medicaid Restitution in Criminal Cases.  Includes Medicaid expenses paid for a crime victim in the list of entities that may receive restitution from a criminal offender. (passed House 93-0) to Senate

HF 2438     Attempted Enticement of a Minor.  Changes the penalty for attempted enticement of a minor to the same as actual enticement.  The penalty for attempted enticement is a felony under the bill. (passed House 93-0) to Senate

HF 2453     Posthumously Conceived Children.  Treats a child that is born of married parents as the legitimate child of both parents if the child is conceived and born after the death of one of the parents. (passed House 93-1) to Senate

HF 2478     Limited Liability Company Regulations.  Amends current code regulations on limited liability companies under Code Chapter 489.  (passed House 95-0) to Senate

SF 431        OWI Rewrite.  Procedural rewrite from the Criminal Code Reorganization Interim for operating-while-intoxicated offenses.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

SF 2237      Nonsubstantive Code Corrections.  Makes nonsubstantive and noncontroversial code corrections to the Iowa Code.  (passed House 93-0) to Governor

SF 2300      Landlord Service of Notice Requirements.  Makes changes to service of notice requirements for landlords and tenants.  The bill is in response to the Iowa Supreme Court decision in War Eagle Village Apartments v. Plummer. (passed House 94-0) to Governor

SF 2340      Substantive Code Corrections.  Makes substantive code corrections to the Iowa Code. (passed House 94-0) to Governor

Justice Systems Budget

LSB 5093   Judicial Branch Budget Bill.  Appropriates a total of $150 million to the Judicial Branch for operations and salaries.  That total includes $1.5 million for jury and witness fund.  (passed Committee 8-6) to House Appropriations Committee.



SF 2181      Workforce Development Department Bill.  The bill makes technical corrections to OSHA, a report on elevators, boilers, and child labor.  It replaces obsolete provisions concerning the adoption of OSHA standards with contemporary rule making standards.  Per recommendations of the Boiler Pressure Vessel Board, it moves an inspection schedule under the boiler inspection law, and it allows the board to write rules governing conversion power boilers to low-pressure boilers.  It updates and moves a provision governing boilers manufactured without  an inspection plate.  It removes requirements for both youth migrant labor permits, and regular youth labor permits that require applicants under 14 to obtain a certificate from a registered nurse or physician.   (Passed House 94-0) to Governor.

SF 2279      Voluntary Shared Work Plans.  A business participating in the Voluntary Shared Work Plan would be allowed to have more than one work plan in a 2-year period.  (Passed Senate 46-0) to House Labor.

SF 2270      Workplace Accommodations for Employees to Express Breast Milk.  Requires employers to make reasonable efforts to provide an employee private place, other than a toilet stall, for the employee to express breast milk.  The break allowed would be paid or unpaid time, and be allowed for up to two years after the birth of the employee’s child. The department of workforce development is required to provide on its internet site, a link to give employers access to information about  methods of accommodating employees who express breast milk at work.  (Passed Senate 29-15) to House State Government Committee.

Local Government

HF 2407     Recorder’s Technical Bill.  Expands definition of grantee and grantor for indexing purposes so only one index is needed for all real estate transactions.  (Passed House 94-0, Passed Senate 50-0)  To Governor

SF 2199      Manufactured Housing.  Requires manufactured housing retailers to collect the use tax and forward the money to the Iowa department of transportation or the county treasurer so a title can be issued.  Also provides for issuing a title that cannot be found.  (Passed House 95-0)  To Governor

SF 2264      Review of Subdivisions.  Closes a loophole in the law that allows city approval for subdivisions developed within two miles of the city by including condominiums in the definition of subdivisions.  (Passed Committee 18-3)  To House Calendar


Natural Resources

HF 2310     Pen-Reared Pheasants.  Allows the release of pen-reared pheasants in Iowa on a person’s farm. The birds have to come from a hatchery approved by the Department of Natural Resources.  (passed House 93-0) on Senate Natural Resources Committee

HF 2458     Restrictions on Mowing Ditches.  Updates Iowa’s ditch mowing regulations (both state and county roads).  The purpose of the bill is improving habitat to help protect nesting pheasant populations.  The bill prohibits mowing within the ditch prior to July 15, except within 200 yards of an inhabited dwelling (this 200 yards is the same regulation that says you cannot shoot a gun within 200 yards of an inhabited dwelling); within one mile of city limits; to promote native species of vegetation or other long-lived and adaptable vegetation; to establish control of damaging insect populations, noxious weeds, and invasive plant species; for visibility and safety reasons; and within rest areas, weigh stations, and wayside parks.  After July 15th, they can mow as much of the ditch as they like.  There are no penalties attached to this law.  (passed House 66-28) on Senate Calendar

Public Safety

HF 2280     Care of Companion Animals.  Allows for the Department of Agriculture to inspect, based upon complaints, federally licensed commercial establishments.  (passed House 77-22) (passed Senate 41-9) to Governor

HF 2319     DPS Regulating the Storage of Flammable and Combustible Liquids.  Deletes references to “aboveground petroleum storage tanks” an instead uses the term “aboveground flammable and combustible liquids storage tanks.”  Extends the number of years that fees for the alarm system installer certification program can be carried over to match the number of years that the certification is good for.  (passed Senate 40-9) to Governor

SF 205        Testing Persons on Parole, Probation, or Work Release, for Infectious Disease.  Requires persons under the care of a community based corrections district to submit to a test for infectious diseases if they assault someone which results in the exchange of bodily fluid.  (passed Committee 20-0) to House Calendar

Rebuild Iowa and Disaster Recovery

HF 2422     Disaster Case Management.  Codifies the case management system used in the 2008 floods and tornadoes so it will be available for future disasters.  Also creates a task force to establish a case management system for businesses.  (Passed House 94-0, Passed Senate 50-0) to Governor


State Government

SF 2128      Campaign Finance Reports Filed Electronically.  Requires that, effective January 1, 2011, a county statutory political committee and candidates or committees raising a certain threshold of money, as outlined in the bill, are required to file reports electronically.  (passed House 95 – 0) to Governor

SF 2161      Bingo Games.  Allows any person to conduct bingo games if no entry fee is charged.  (passed Senate 50 – 0) to House State Government Committee

SF 2195      Campaign Finance Laws. Makes several changes related to laws administered by the Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board including requiring disclosure when an organization is advocating that an individual run for office but the individual has not announced intent to run, adopting rules to define “fair market value” for purposes of campaign property, clarifying that a permanent organization temporarily engaging in political activity is required to disclose its campaign activities when involved in a ballot issue election as well as an election of a candidate, and directing the board to adopt rules prohibiting the owner, etc. of a sham newspaper from promoting the candidacy of any person. (passed House 94 – 0) to Governor

SF 2196      Policy Changes to Election Laws.  Makes changes to election laws administered by the Secretary of State.  (passed House 92 – 0) to Governor

SF 2218      Eliminates Double Election Boards.  Eliminates double election boards and requires the commissioner of election, upon receipt of a petition to use automatic tabulating equipment in certain election.  ( passed Committee 15 – 0) to House Calendar

SF 2247      Designation of Gaming Enforcement Officer.  Changes the class title designation of a “gaming enforcement officer.”  The change is for the official designation only and does not create or modify the existing job classification or duties.  (passed Committee 15 – 0)  to House Calendar

SF 2323      Gambling licenses.  Eliminates the requirement that a new license to conduct gambling games in the same county can be issued only if the new licensee is located at a similarly situated site and operated as a substantially similarly situated facility as any other existing licensed gambling boat or structure in the county.  (passed Senate 37 – 11) to House

SF 2355      Apprenticeship requirements.  Revises apprenticeship requirements for persons installing fire protection systems.  (passed Senate 50 – 0) to House – attached to HF 2491 on House Calendar)


HF 2456     Texting Ban.  Drivers will not be allowed to write, send, or read a text message.  Not a moving violation, increased penalties if in an accident with serious injury and death.  (passed House 65-31) (passed Senate 44-6) back to House

HF 2466     Driver’s Education Teachers.  Allows for persons, certified by the Department of Transportation to teach street and highway driving to contribute to one minor accident during a two-year time period, and still be certified to teach street and highway driving.  (passed House 94-0) to Senate

Veterans Affairs

HF 2110     Military Spouse Unemployment Benefits.  Allows unemployment benefits for an individual who left employment because of the relocation of the individual’s spouse due to a military assignment in another area.  Benefits would be paid out of the Unemployment Trust Fund. (passed Senate Veterans Affairs 8-2) to Senate Calendar

HF 2197     Veterans Day Leave for Veterans.  Allows all Veterans to have Veterans Day off from work.  Each veteran must request the holiday at least 30 days in advance and show proof of being a veteran.  The employer determines if the time off is paid or unpaid. (passed Senate Veterans Affairs 6-3) to Senate Calendar

HF 2321     Veteran Services to Incarcerated Veterans.  Requires city and county jail personnel to notify a prisoner, within 24 hours, that if a prisoner is a veteran of the US Military who has been discharged within the last five years, the veteran is entitled to a visit from a veterans service officer to determine if veteran services are required or available. (passed House 91-0) to Senate

HF 2406     Promotion of the U.S.S. Iowa.  Requires the Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs to promote and support the preservation of the U.S.S. Iowa as a permanent naval museum. (passed Senate 50-0) to Governor

HF 2414     Service in an Honor Guard Unit.  Expands the recognized military veterans units to perform honor guard services on public property to include the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Forces.  Currently, only the Iowa National Guard, reserve forces of the United States, and reserve officers training corps are allowed to perform honor guard services on public property.  (passed 89-0) to Senate

HF 2454     State Job Opportunities for Disabled Veterans.  Requires the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Workforce Development, the Department of Education, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and the U.S. Department of Labor to develop programs to inform disabled veterans about federally funded job training opportunities in state government, and develop other job training programs to qualify for federal funding. (passed Senate Veterans Affairs 9-0) to Senate Calendar