Thursday, January 28 – Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HF 558 Farm Tenancies. As amended by the House Agriculture Committee, the bill says that unless otherwise agreed to in writing by a lessor and farm tenant, a farm tenant may take any part of the aboveground part of a plant associated with a crop, at the time of harvest or after the harvest, until the farm tenancy terminates. Currently, a farm tenancy at will terminates on March 1 following a landlord’s notice, except in the case of a crop-share arrangement, which terminates when the crop is harvested, but not later than December 1 for a corn crop. (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar
HF 763 Watershed Improvement Review Board Administrative Support. Allows the Water-shed Improvement Review Board to authorize the Soil Conservation Division to use in-terest on the moneys in the fund to provide administrative support to the board (mileage, food, etc.) (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar
SF 404 Local Food and Farm Plan. The Senate created a new Local Food and Farm Task Force to prepare a local food and farm plan. The House Agriculture Committee amended the bill and requires the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture to prepare a local food and farm plan containing policy and funding recommendations for supporting and expanding local food systems and for assessing and overcoming obstacles necessary to increase locally grown food production. The Leopold Center is to submit the plan to the general assembly by January 10, 2011. The plan must include recommendations for short-term and long-term solutions, including but not limited to the enactment of legisla-tion. (passed Committee 19-2) to House Calendar

HF 2111
Unemployment Tax Collection. Requires Secretary of State to notify the Department of Workforce Development prior to approving a filing for reinstatement by a dissolved com-pany, to ensure any back taxes are paid. (passed House 95-0) Senate Commerce
HF 2131 Truth In Lending Act. Updates Iowa Consumer Credit Code references to the Federal Truth in Lending Act (FTLA) from the Act as amended through January 1, 2008, to the Act as amended through July 1, 2010. (passed Senate 50-0) sent to Governor
HF 2252 Auto Repair Shop Artisan Liens. Creates an exception to a repair shop’s ability to hold a vehicle to force payment of a disputed bill, if the Attorney General decides that the shop violated the auto trade practices law. (passed Committee 21-0) House Calendar

Economic Growth
HF 2195 Arts Projects at State Buildings. The Department of Administrative Services would now contract for funds allocated for this purpose. The Department of Cultural Affairs would still report on the financial assistance spent for arts projects. The estimated costs for fine arts would no longer be included in the amount calculated for arts purposes in na-tional surveys. (Passed House 99-0) to Senate Economic Growth.
HSB 552 Sales Tax Exemption for Purchases of a Community Blood Center. Provides a sales tax exemption on blood bags and equipment at community blood centers that the Ameri-can Red Cross currently has. Iowa is one of seven states that tax community blood cen-ters, and there is an opportunity for a regionalized Midwest testing laboratory to be lo-cated in Iowa. However, Iowa would be competing for the jobs with states that do not tax bags and equipment. (Passed committee 20-0) to Ways and Means.
HSB 593 Data Center Rehabilitated Building Project Definition. Adds a definition of a build-ing that needs to be rehabilitated under the Data Center incentive program passed last year. Currently a “data center” means a building rehabilitated or constructed to house a group of networked server computers in one physical location. This will clarify for the department of economic development and the department of revenue what would qualify as rehabilitated. (Passed committee 20-0) to House Floor.
HSB 666 Workforce Housing Assistance Grant Fund. The bill would eliminate the need for a general fund appropriation currently at $450,000 to the Council on Homelessness. The administration costs would be applied to the Iowa Finance Authority (IFA). The bill would also help fund the Iowa Mortgage Help line out of the State Housing Trust Fund to help citizens facing foreclosures. It also creates a fund for workforce housing. Some ar-eas of the state are experiencing the need for housing tied to economic development job creation projects. A current housing assistance program offers assistance at 85% the Area Median Income (AMI). This would be 120% AMI. Projects could also utilize, through IFA, the federal New Market Tax Credits program. (Passed committee 21-0) to Appropriations.
HSB 670 Convenient Stores Allowed to Sell Class E Liquor within the Store. The bill would generate and estimated $1.2 million for the general fund by allowing stores where gas is sold on the premise, to sell Class E liquor. Convenience stores currently are allowed to do this if there is a separate facility on site. Several stores have done this by erecting a wall with a separate entrance. The bill was amended in committee to prevent a person younger than 18 to sell the liquor within the convenience store. (Passed committee 13-8) to House Floor.
HF 2082 Regenerative Medicine Research Tax Credit. Allows a 20% tax credit of a tax payer’s contribution to a non-profit organization engaged in therapies for functional repair and replacement of diseased tissues. As amended in committee, double dipping of tax credits would not be allowed and it would be on a first come, first serve basis for the total avail-able amount of $10 million. It would not be transferable, and may be used up to four years or until depleted. (Passed committee 19-2) to Ways and Means.

HSB 658 Area Education Agency Study. Requires the Department of Education to convene a task force to conduct a study of the current system of area education agencies. Member-ship of the task force is education stakeholders and consumers. A report is due by De-cember 15, 2010. (passed Committee 21 – 0) to House Calendar

Environmental Protection
HF 785 Wheel Weights. Requires the director of DAS to create a process to encourage using wheel weights made of materials other than lead on state owned vehicles. (passed Com-mittee 16-4) to House Calendar
HSB 656 Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Funding. Extends funding through the Under-ground Storage Tank Fund for cleanup that is beyond the level required by the DNR if the UST Fund Board determines the expenses are cost-effective in light of the monitoring plan accepted by the DNR. (passed Committee 19-0) to House Calendar
HF 2109 Ethics Reforms. Reforms, including pre-registration of receptions, requiring clients to disclose the total amount they spend on lobbying activities, and expanding the powers of the House Ethics Committee, to increase the accuracy and transparency of reports and provide better public access to this information. (Passed Senate 50-0) to Governor

Human Resources
HF 2056 Background Checks for Child Care Providers. Removes the requirement of a federal background check every four years for child care providers and other individuals subject to the law. The bill now authorizes DHS to adopt rules regarding a national background check for child care providers and all others subject to the check. (passed Committee 20-0) to House Calendar
HF 2065 Medicaid HCBS Waiver for Intellectual Disabilities. Requires the Department of Human Services (DHS) to adopt rules relating to the administrative costs for services of the Medicaid HCBS Waiver for Intellectual Disabilities. DHS is authorized to adopt emergency rules. (passed Committee 20-0) to House Calendar
HF 2158 Preparation for Adult Living Program. Expands the eligibility for the Preparation for Adult Living Program to include persons who received foster care paid for by the state, during the four years prior to turning 18, but were adopted. (passed Committee13-7) to House Calendar
HF 2183 State Board of Health. Reassembles the membership of the State Board of Health to in-clude a licensed physician and individuals with direct experience with public health. In addition, the duties of the board are set in more general terms, rather than specific duties. (passed House 100-0) to Senate
HSB 511 Medication Therapy Management. Requires private insurance companies to cover medication therapy management. The service will only apply to individuals with at least four prescription drugs and meets other qualifications. Pharmacists and physicians will be reimbursed for the services to the patient. This will only apply to state regulated in-surance plans, about 25% of the total market in Iowa. (passed Committee 12-8) to House Calendar
HSB 514 Background Checks for Certified Nurse Aides. Requires background checks for certi-fied nurse aids prior to training program. (passed Committee 20-0) to House Calendar
HSB 571 Public Health Technical Bill. Makes technical changes to the Iowa Code regarding State Medical Examiner’s Office and fetal death certification; the Board of Optometry certification at the diagnostic level; the Board of Cosmetology and threading and staffing rations; and the Board of Barbering and temporary permit. (passed Committee 20-0) to House Calendar
HSB 611 Family Planning Waiver Renewal and Expansion. Renews the Medicaid Family Plan-ning Waiver that is set to expire in 2011. In addition, expands the waiver to wrap around private insurance. Waiver would be eligible to men and women who do not have specific health care coverage, an income up to 300% poverty level, and under the age of 55. (passed Committee 11-9) to House Calendar
HSB 621 Office of Long-Term Care Resident’s Advocate. Establishes the Office of Long-Term Care Resident’s Advocate. Duties are outlined for the office. A penalty of up to $1,500 can be assessed against a facility if access is denied from a long-term care resident advo-cate of the state. (passed Committee 20-0) to House Calendar
SF 153 Physician Assistants to Form LLC. Allows physician assistants to form an LLC in the State of Iowa. In addition, the allowance does not expand the scope of practice for a phy-sician assistant. All physician assistants must perform medical services under the super-vision of a licensed physician. (passed Committee 18-3) to House Calendar
SF 393 Child Abuse and Obscene Materials. Expands the definition of child abuse to when a parent or guardian knowingly forces a child to view obscene materials. If the child is likely to suffer harmful effects of being forced to view obscene materials, then the child can be adjudicated as a child in need of assistance (CINA). (passed Committee 20-0) to House Calendar

HF 770
Judicial Branch Records. Clarifies open records requirements for Judicial Records and protects personal information in judicial records. (passed Committee 19-0) to House Calendar
HF 2024 Medicaid Restitution in Criminal Cases. Includes Medicaid expenses paid for a crime victim in the list of entities that may receive restitution from a criminal offender. (passed Committee 19-0) to House Calendar
HF 2233 Expunging Under the Legal Age Alcohol Convictions. Allows a person to petition to have a conviction for possessing, purchasing, or attempting to purchase alcohol under the legal age to be expunged if the person has not had any criminal convictions for 2 years other than local traffic violations or simple misdemeanors of state traffic laws. (passed Committee 20-0) to House Calendar
HF 2234 Marital Agreements – Post-Death Matters. Allows amendments to a pre-marital agreement, but only to affect post-death matters. (passed Committee 20-0) to House Cal-endar
HSB 598 Rights of a Donee of an Anatomical Gift. Clarifies that the rights of a donee in an ana-tomical gift are superior to the rights of a designee named in a gift. (passed Committee 19-0) to House Calendar
HSB 597 Judgment Liens on Homesteads. Specifies a judgment lien does not attach to a home-stead, except under certain circumstances. (passed Committee 19-0) to House Calendar


Local Government
HF 2041
Length of Service on City Development Board. Repeals law limiting service on board to two six-year terms. (Passed Committee 16-4) To House Calendar
HSB 546 Local Option Sales Tax for Urban Renewal. Repeals law allowing cities to, by ordi-nance, divert local option sales tax dollars to urban renewal projects without allowing citizens to vote on the change in usage of sales tax money. Grandfathers in any city that has passed an ordinance. (Passed Committee 20-0) To House Calendar
HSB 632 Collecting Use Tax on Manufactured Housing. Requires manufactured housing retail-ers to collect the use tax and forward the money to the Iowa department of transportation or the county treasurer so a title can be issued. (Passed Committee 20-0) To House Cal-endar
SF 434 Nuisance Properties. Prevents properties that are considered nuisance properties from going to tax sale, and refunds tax certificate holder if a nuisance citation is filed by the city after the sale. (Passed House 98-0) To Senate Calendar

Public Safety
HF 674
EMS to Report Wounds from Crime. Adds certified EMS providers to the list of health professionals that must report a gunshot, stab wound, or other serious injury that was received as a result of a criminal offense, or a motor vehicle accident or crash. (passed House 98-0) in Senate Judiciary Committee
HF 2280 Care of Companion Animals. Authorizes Department of Ag to inspect commercial es-tablishments that hold a federal license based upon a complaint filed with the department. Requires veterinarians to report if an animal is abused, neglected, or tortured no matter if in a commercial establishment or not. (passed Committee 12-9) on House Calendar
HSB 542 DPS Regulating the Storage of Flammable and Combustible Liquids. Deletes refer-ences to “aboveground petroleum storage tanks” and instead uses the term “aboveground flammable and combustible liquids storage tanks.” Extends the number of years that fees for the alarm system installer certification program can be carried over to match the num-ber of years that the certification is good for. (passed Committee 20-0) on House Calen-dar
HSB 605 Simulated Public Intoxication. Separates the current offenses of public intoxication and simulated public intoxication into two different numbered paragraphs. (passed Committee 19-0) to House Calendar
HSB 606 Detention in a Brothel. Strikes the criminal offense of detention in a brothel because brothels are illegal and the offense is covered under kidnapping and human trafficking. (passed Committee 19-0) to House Calendar
HSB 607 Cowl Lamps. Strikes the current law which does not allow a vehicle to have more than two cowl lamps. These are antique lights on antique vehicles. (passed Committee 19-0) to House Calendar
Rebuild Iowa and Disaster Recovery
HSB 513
Individual Disaster Assistance. Allows disaster victims to obtain vouchers to purchase goods or services to make repairs, in lieu of submitting receipts to obtain reimbursement. (Passed Committee 15-0) to House Calendar

State Government
SF 2062 Early Retirement Incentive Program. Sets up an early retirement incentive program for state employees. (amended and passed House 98 – 1) to Senate

Veterans Affairs
HF 2102 Veteran Services to Incarcerated Veterans. Requires city and county jail personnel to notify a prisoner, within 24 hours, that if a prisoner is a veteran of the US Military who has been discharged within the last five years, the veteran is entitled to a visit from a vet-erans service officer to determine if veteran services are required or available. (passed Committee 16-0) to House Calendar
HF 2137 National Guard Technical Bill. Makes technical changes to the code regarding the Iowa National Guard and enforcement of controlled substances under Military Justice. (passed 91-0) to Senate
HF 2148 Military Home Ownership Assistance Program. Allows military members to use lend-ers that are not currently associated with the Iowa Finance Authority (IFA) to obtain mortgages through the home ownership assistance program. Outside lenders are able to apply for IFA’s programs. (passed House 100-0) to Senate
HF 2197 Veterans Day Leave for Veterans. Allows all Veterans to have Veterans Day off from work. Each veteran must request the holiday at least 30 days in advance and show proof of being a veteran. The employer determines if the time off is paid or unpaid. (passed Committee 15-0) to House Calendar