The House has agreed with the Senate language addressing school security plans, and the bill has been sent to the Governor. Under the legislation public and non-public schools would have to develop emergency operations plans no later than June 30, 2019 and update it annually. It will include response to active shooter training.

The Senate had revised the House version that passed the House last week to have the board and authorities of a private school determine which school personnel participate in the drill. In addition they eliminated the requirement that the plan, including equipment used for the drill, be approved by the school board or local private school authorities before implementation.

School Security Tip Line Not Added to the Bill

When the bill passed the House the first time, an amendment was offered to create a school security tip line, but it was not adopted. Other states across the country have developed anonymous tip lines in response to school shootings that allow people to report people threatening or acting dangerously to authorities. They have worked to prevent cases where attacks on schools could have happened.

According to Colorado authorities, the number of tips submitted in Colorado have increased dramatically over the past decade with 300 reports in the last year involving planned school attacks. In addition, the US House of Representatives has passed a bill that would help fund these types of tip lines for states.


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