Des Moines, Iowa – The Iowa House today approved the blueprint for education next year that maintains key priorities in education while keeping the state budget balanced.

“In these tough economic times, we know there are tough choices to make but we are keeping focused on priorities in education.  The blueprint we approved today will keep the state budget balanced, ensure more four year olds have access to quality preschool and keep good teachers in the classroom,” said State Representative Cindy Winckler of Davenport, who chairs the House Education Appropriations Subcommittee. 

The bill, Senate File 2376, allocates about $850 million for the Board of Regents, College Student Aid Commission, Department of the Blind, and other education institutions.  Given the state’s tight budget times, most areas of the plan are reduced about 4% from last year but re-directs some resources to key priorities, like k-12 education.

“As the national economy begins to recover, it’s essential that we have a skilled workforce to take advantage of new job opportunities in high-tech industries like renewable energy.  I’m proud that we are continuing our commitment to raise standards and make sure our kids graduate with the skills necessary to land a job in today’s global economy,” added Winckler.

The bill now returns to the Senate.