img_3130-reducedState Representative Vicki Lensing, C0-Chair of the Government Oversight Committee,  joined Iowa Governor Chet Culver at a news conference today to outline the first steps the Legislature will take to prevent another abuse case like Henry’s Turkey Service in Atalissa.  

Governor Culver convened a task force to report back to him by April 1, but the task force has already suggested quick action on two bills under consideration by the Legislature.  Senate File 96 would give subpoena power to the Iowa Civil Rights Commission to investigate unfair or discriminatory practices in housing and unemployment.  Senate File 137 makes wage discrimination against any employee, including those with disabilities, an unfair employment practice.

Other recommendations presented by the task force today include:

  • Annual registration and occupancy reporting with the Department of Inspections and Appeals for all types of boarding homes in the State;
  • All agencies to use a uniform assessment tool in determining dependent adult abuse;
  • Lengthen the time rejected intakes and unfounded assessments are kept on file;
  • Joint interagency coordination in the investigation of all allegations against unlicensed health care facilities;
  • Databases of persons employed under special certificates as provided in the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.