Mason McCoy

Iowa House District 3


Mason McCoy was born and raised in Cherokee County, and graduated from MMC High School in 2007, receiving the Silver Cord Community Service Award.

From an early age, Mason has shown an interest in politics and activism. He has written letters to elected officials expressing concern regarding reckless policies from the PATRIOT Act to the Clear Skies Initiative. Mason has stood in picket lines to support workers’ rights, most recently supporting the people of IAMAW in Sioux City. Mental health care reform is one of the cornerstones of Mason’s platform. He has always supported equal rights for all people, and in early 2016 was elected to the office of Cherokee County Affirmative Action Chair within the Democratic Party.  Mason is also just the second candidate to be endorsed by our Progressive Caucus.

Mason will work to help all Iowans through policies that favor people, not just corporate interests. He will bring back transparency to our government by starting a podcast that will post each week during the legislative session detailing what was voted on, how he voted, and why.


Iowa House District 3

Aurelia, Cherokee, Marcus, Sheldon, Washta