Thurs. Feb. 13 – Wed. Feb. 19, 2020



HF 2198       Grain Depositors Indemnity Fund.  Calls for a study of the expansion to credit-sale contracts for the gain indemnity fund. (passed committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HSB 684      IDALS Department Bill.  Iowa Department of Land Stewardship bill that updates provisions relating to confiscation of abandoned animals and sets up a new local foods program. (passed committee 21-0) to House Calendar


SF 2144       Supplemental Appropriations. This makes a supplemental appropriation to Homeland Security for flood mitigation efforts of $21,003,186 and $330,000 to Department of Human Services for Glenwood.  (Signed; effective 2/13/20)


HSB 517      Acquisition and Disposal of City Water Utilities. Creates a new Code section that classifies “at-risk systems” for city water utilities. (passed Commerce Committee 23-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 588      Internet Exchange Point. Creates an Internet Exchange Point Feasibility study. (passed Commerce Committee 22-1) to House Calendar.

HSB 638      Broadband Service. Governor’s Broadband Service Bill. (passed Commerce Committee 23-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 667      Commercial Elevators in Residential Buildings. Allows certain residential buildings to install commercial elevators. (passed Commerce Committee 23-0) to House Calendar.

HF 2107       Broadband and Telecommunication Certification Program. Allows local government to incentivize broadband services via certification program. (passed Commerce Committee 23-0) to House Calendar.

HF 2253       Prescription Drug Transparency. Requires drug manufactures to file reports with the Insurance Division relating to drug manufacturing costs. (passed Commerce Committee 23-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 591      Future Test Year. Amends Investor-Owned Utilities ability to use future test year when filing a rate case with the Iowa Utility Board. (passed Commerce 23-0) to House Calendar.

Economic Growth

HSB 645      Home Bakeries.  The bill increases the amount of sales a home bakery can do from $35,000 to $50,000.  (passed Committee 20-1) to House Calendar

HSB 686      Studying Historic Sites.  The bill mandates the Department of Cultural Affairs conduct a study of the state’s historic sites, including the economic impact, and create procedures for how to establish new sites.  (passed Committee 20-1) to House Calendar

HSB 687      Studying Rest Areas.  The bill requires the Department of Transportation (DOT), Iowa Finance Authority (IFA), and the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA), to conduct a study on how the state’s rest areas are used and how they could be improved.  (passed Committee 18-3) to House Calendar


HSB 558      Rural Physician Loan Repayment Program Refinancing.  After refinancing an eligible federal loan with a private company, a recipient would still be eligible for financial assistance through the program.  The bill does other technical reorganization of that code chapter.  (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar

HSB 598      Classroom and Discipline and Therapeutic Rooms. The Department of Education Director is required to develop school districts standards and guidelines for the appropriate and inappropriate responses to behavior in the classroom that presents an imminent threat of “bodily injury” to a student or another person and for appropriate physical restraint of a student.  It amends Iowa’s corporal punishment law to allow physical contact under the following circumstances: 1) a student causing a severe disturbance, 2) relocating a student who is not responding to verbal commands, or that has passive behavior.  Violations of corporal punishment would also have to prove that the violation has clear and convincing evidence.  Students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) cannot have their plan contain a room clearance, and disruptive students could be placed in a therapeutic room.  The bill creates a therapeutic classroom incentive fund to establish the rooms at $1.6 million, and transportation reimbursement to those rooms more than 30 miles away of $500,000.  (passed Committee 12-10) to Appropriations Committee

HSB 606      Dropout Prevention Through a Modified Supplemental Amount.  School Districts can apply to the School Budget Review Committee for a Modified Supplemental Amount (MSA) for dropout prevention.  The amount comes from local property taxes.  From 2012, to limit property taxes, there was a cap placed on the amount requested based on a formula (the budget enrollment * DCPP * their percentage, minus their carryforward funds).  Districts were locked into their percentage at that time or those below 2.5% were capped at 2.5%.  The bill places a 5% cap on all districts, and thus, removing all other caps.  There are 39% of the districts at the 5% now. Districts below that 5% level have the potential for a property tax increase. An amendment in committee clarifies the form process that a school board would submit.  (passed Committee 22-0) to Ways and Means Committee

HSB 642      Concurrent Enrollment Assessment.  To take concurrent enrollment classes currently, a student needs to pass at proficiency level in Math, Science and in English on the Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISAP).  This bill eliminates the ISAP requirement.  The local college will still have their own entrance test, some use ALEC or Compass, for an individual class.  They could also enter a concurrent enrollment class through their ACT scores.  The bill takes effect upon enactment.  (passed Committee 22-1) to House Calendar

HSB 644      CTE Instructor Qualifications.  Allows for someone to qualify for a CTE instructor through an AA degree at a community college in CTE instruction with at least 3,000 hours relevant work experience.  The bill also allows for someone to qualify with a BA in any area of study with a minimum of 18 hours in career and technical field instruction.  Currently, the qualification is 6,000 hours work experience, which is still allowed under the bill, or a BA in the field of instruction with no work experience.  (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar

HSB 680      Lead K, Literacy Development for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children.  Requires the Department of Education, in coordination with the Area Education Agencies and the Iowa School for the Deaf, to create language development milestones in both English and American Sign Language for deaf and hard of hearing children ages 1 through 8. Once established, they will assist parents and educators to measure the progress towards those language acquisition benchmarks. In addition, parent resources related to language acquisition for their deaf or hard of hearing child will be developed and disseminated.  (passed Committee 22-0) to House Calendar

HF 2048       Preschool Allowed for 5 Year-olds.  Iowa’s Voluntary Preschool Program is designated for 4 year-olds.  The bill allows 5 year-olds to participate for a period time of the 2021-22 school year to the 2023-24 school year.  Priority will be given to the 4 year-olds if insufficient space is available.    (passed Committee 15-7) to Appropriations Committee

HF 2120       Suicide Prevention Protocols.  With the strike after amendment in committee, the bill requires electronic reporting of suicide protocols by school districts.  This would likely be done in the annual BEDS report.  (passed Committee 20-2) to House Calendar

HF 2145       Health Care Professional Recruitment Program.  The bill expands the Health Care Professional Recruitment Program financial assistance program beyond Des Moines University.  It would now be available at Regent Universities and accredited private institutions.  A health care professional under the program includes a Physician, Physician Assistant, Podiatrist or Physical Therapist.  (passed Committee 22-0) to House Calendar

HF 2169       Stop the Bleed Education. High school Human Growth and Development would cover a section on bleeding control.  As the bill currently stands, it would be taught by a teacher of Human Growth and Development even if they have not had training in bleeding control.  (passed Committee 12-11) to House Calendar

HF 2350       Veterinary Loan Repayment Program.  Creates a loan repayment program for veterinary students similar to the program for doctors that targets rural areas.  This bill would require someone to live in the area of practice for 4 years.  The amount received cannot be greater than $15,000.  A trust fund would be established, under the control of the commission, that could receive grants and bequests.  The priority list in the bill was amended in committee. This is a policy bill that would require a separate appropriation in the Ed Budget for funding to be available.  (passed Committee 15-8) to House Calendar

HF 2370       Students in Poverty Work Group.  DE would be required to establish a work group to examine student poverty.  The bill has intent language as to why this study is urgent.  They will examine current methodology for determining levels of student poverty and look at alternative methodology.  The work group includes regionally located school districts, would be 14 members plus ex-officios.  All Education groups are represented, including ISEA in the bill, and the amendment for committee will include PEI.  The amendment will also address the intent language, including updating the Condition of Education figure to 2019.  (passed Committee 20-2) to House Calendar

Environmental Protection Committee

HSB 636      City Engineer Sewer Update.  Clarifies that any local public works department may both employ or retain a licensed engineer to review sewer system plans.  (passed Committee 19-0) to House Calendar

Human Resources

HSB 581      Medicaid Wellness Plan Re-enrollment Payment. States that if an Iowa Health and Wellness Plan member (Medicaid expansion) was dropped from the program due to not paying their monthly contribution or failure to complete their healthy behaviors, they will not have to pay the outstanding balance to reenroll if it is the first time getting dropped.  However, any other time this occurs, the member will have to pay all outstanding payments to reenroll into the program. (passed House Human Resources Committee 15-6) to House Calendar

HSB 660      Final Disposition of Fetal Remains. Establishes a process for women to direct the final dispositions of bodily remains following a miscarriage or abortion. The bill also requires that a fetal death certificate be filed for each death that occurs after 12 weeks of gestation. Current law is 20 weeks or a fetus that weighs 350 grams or more. (passed House Human Resources Committee 11-10) to House Calendar

HSB 672      Medication-Induced Abortion Reversal. Forces facilities where abortions are performed to post a sign in their office stating the effectiveness and the potential of reserving a medication-induced abortion. (passed House Human Resources Committee 11-10) to House Calendar

HSB 678      Licensing of Abortion Facilities. The Department of Inspections and Appeals will have to license and inspect abortion facilities. These facilities must pay an annual licensing fee of $2,000. (passed House Human Resources Committee 11-10) to House Calendar

HF 2084      Interstate Disease Compact. Adoption of the interstate curing disease compact that will award prize money to any company that finds a cure for chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer. (passed House Human Resources Committee 11-10) to House Calendar

HF 2089       Non-Medical Switching. Prohibits insurance companies from switching a patient’s medication if the patient is medically stable on the prescription they are currently on. (passed House Human Resources Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HF 2157       Smile Direct Regulation. Requires that anyone who provides teeth-straightening services (like Smile Direct) has to do an initial in-person exam of the teeth, the new patient must provide a record that they have visited a dentist within the last two years, and digital radiographs should be included (passed House Human Resources Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HF 2171       Child Care Workforce Matching Grants. Establishes a child care workforce state matching grants program and fund. This will be administered by the Early Childhood Iowa State Board (Board) to provide matching state grants for the child care WAGE$ Iowa Program, the Teacher Education and Compensation Helps Scholarship Program, or other child care workforce strategies. No appropriation is included in the bill. (passed House Human Resources Committee 20-1) to House Calendar

HF 2187       Free Clinics and Electronic Prescriptions. Exempts free clinics from having to transmit all prescriptions (except for controlled substance) for three years. (passed House Human Resources Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HF 2203       Child Care Assistance Phase-Out Program. Creates state-only funded graduated eligibility phase-out program for Child Care Assistance families. (passed House Human Resources Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HF 2215       Medicaid Reimbursement of Breast Pumps. Directs DHS to write rules or apply for any applicable waiver to mandate that Medicaid reimburse a member for electric breast pumps and any associated supplies. (passed House Human Resources Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HF 2262       Collection of Health Data. Requires the Iowa Department of Public Health to go out for a RFP for health data and prohibits contractors from charging a fee to access the data that will be collected. Currently, the Iowa Hospital Association collects this data. (passed House Human Resources Committee 19-2) to House Calendar

HF 2283       Health Board Changes. Replaces the Division of Tobacco Use Prevention and Control with the Bureau of Tobacco Use Prevention and Control. Limits the number of meetings held by the Mental Health Planning and Advisory Council to no more than four per year. Repeals the requirement that the Board of Medicine and the Board of Physician Assistants submit a report every year regarding the collaborative efforts and team-building practices of the Boards. (passed House Human Resources Committee 12-9) to House Calendar

HF 2378       Child-Staff Ratio Exception. Allows registered child development homes to exceed the child-to-staff ratio when there is a school delay or cancellation. (passed House Human Resources Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

Judiciary Committee

HSB 518      Medical Care of Prisoners.  Creates a process for providing for medical care of prisoners by local governments.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HSB 523      Indecent Exposure Expansion.  Expands the crime of indecent exposure and defines masturbation.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HSB 528      Theft Amounts.  Increases the amount of property that must be involved in third degree.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HSB 539      Defrauding a Drug or Alcohol Test.  Creates a criminal offense for defrauding a drug or alcohol test by an employer.  (passed Committee 12-9) to House Calendar

HSB 566      Garnishment Service.  Requires personal service of a garnishee to be by sheriff in the county where the judgment is entered.  (passed Committee 20-1) to House Calendar

HSB 567      Post Conviction Relief Process.  Updates the process for applying for postconviction relief when there is new evidence.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HSB 578      Adult Guardianship and Conservatorship Updates.  Makes changes to the opening, administration, and termination of adult guardianships and conservatorships.  (passed Committee 12-9) to House Calendar

HSB 595      Continuous Sexual Abuse.  Creates a new felony crime for continuous sexual abuse of a child.  (passed Committee 18-3) to House Calendar

HSB 600      Asbestos Claim Limitations.  Makes changes to civil actions involving asbestos, including the basis for each claim against each defendant, dismissal of claims that have not made a prima facie case, and awarding attorney’s fees for claims that are materially false.  (passed Committee 12-9) to House Calendar

HSB 613      State Public Defender Warrant Access.  Allows confidential warrant information to be disseminated to a court appointed attorney and allows a court express authority to grant access to this information.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HSB 658      Reimbursement of Costs for Jail.  Removes consideration of a jail prisoner’s reasonable ability to pay when determining reimbursement for costs from a prisoner.  (passed Committee 12-9) to House Calendar

HSB 662      Court Interpreters.  Standardizes practices for court interpreters.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HSB 679      Nonsubstantive Code Edits.  Makes nonsubstantive code edits.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HSB 691      Model Corporation Act Updates.  Updates the Iowa Model Corporations Act.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HSB 692      Substantive Code Edits.  Makes substantive code edits.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HSB 693      Gender Identity or Orientation Defense.  Prohibits a defense as a result of a person’s discovery, knowledge, or disclosure of a victim’s sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HSB 694      Rape Kit Tracking.  Implements a process for the collection and tracking of sexual abuse evidence collection kits.  (passed Committee 20-0) to House Calendar

HF 2055       Child Restraint Systems Covered by Insurance.  Requires insurance to include the value of a child restraint system involved in an automobile loss.  (passes Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HF 2129       Condemnation Response Damages.  Requires the amount of damages awarded in a condemnation proceeding to be reduced if the property owner fails to timely respond.  (passed Committee 20-1) to House Calendar

HF 2285       Grandparent Visitation.  Creates additional circumstances where a grandparent may petition for visitation of grandchildren.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HF 2303       Antisemitism Definition.  Requires a governmental entity to take into consideration the definition of antisemitism when determining whether the alleged act was motivated by discriminatory antisemitic intent.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HF 2304       Live Music Fraud.  Relates to the advertising, promoting, and conducting of live musical performances and fraud.  (passed Committee 18-3) to House Calendar

HF 2333       Peer Counselor Confidentiality.  Provides communications to a peer support group counselor are confidential.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HF 2444       Disorderly Conduct Mens Rea.  Changes the mens rea requirement for disorderly conduct to require intentionally or recklessly causing unreasonable distress.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HF 2445       Privacy Protections for Sex Crime Victims.  Expands privacy protections for victims of sex offenses.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HF 2446       Bicycle-Vehicle Penalties.  Increases the penalties for vehicle violations against bicyclists.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HF 2447       State Public Defender Pilot Project.  Allows the State Public Defender to establish a pilot project to assist families involved in the child welfare system.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HF 2453       Minor Guardianships and Conservatorship Updates.  Makes changes to guardianships and conservatorships involving minors.  (passed Committee 11-10) to House Calendar


HF 2462       Plant Closing Unemployment Benefits. Removes provisions in code that allow for an extra thirteen weeks of unemployment benefits for individuals who lose their job because of a plant closing. (passed committee 9-8) to House Calendar

Local Government

HSB 584      Length of Service Award.  Allows creation of a length of service program for volunteer fire fighters, emergency medical care providers, and reserve peace officers.  The State Fire Service and Emergency Response Council to have a grant application process with dollar for dollar funding match.  With the amendment in committee, the $1 million appropriation was taken out, and added in reserve peace officers.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HSB 677      Treasurer’s Land Value Reports.  When someone buys land to get a certificate for the land value, the land value you can go up before someone receives the certificate.  The bill requires that a certificate will expire upon the next annual delivery of the tax list from the county Auditor.  The expired certificate cannot then be an acceptable document for the land value.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HF 2013       Treasurer’s Seal. Requires the county seal to include the name of the county, and the word “Iowa.”  It strikes the requirement that the county seal include the word, “treasurer.”  The amendment in committee addressed that for election purposes on a ballot, the county seal only has to be an impression or likeness, not a raised county seal.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HF 2056       County Engineers Employment.  Current law allows county engineers employed jointly by multiple counties that are adjacent under a 28E agreement.  The bill removes the requirement that the counties need to be adjacent.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

Natural Resources

HF 657         Tracking Wounded Deer.  The bill would allow hunters to use dogs to track wounded deer.  (passed Committee 20-0) to House Calendar

HF 716         Handgun Deer Hunting.  The bill changes the definition of handguns legal for deer hunting and alters the age of who can use a handgun to hunt deer.  (passed Committee 10-3) to Senate Calendar

HF 2014       Nonresident Deer Licenses.  The bill allows the DNR to set the number of nonresident any sex deer licenses between 6,000 and 8,000.  (passed Committee 17-4) to House Calendar

HF 2240       Chronic Wasting Disease.  The bill relates to Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD).  The bill adds CWD to the infectious or contagious disease list.  The bill gives the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) the ability to intervein when there is an outbreak of infectious diseases in wild animals.  The NRC can establish zones and take actions within the zones to prevent further spreading of the disease.  The bill also allows conservation officers to go onto private land to provide information on disease prevention or request permission to take a sample of a wild animal.  (passed Committee 18-0) to House Calendar

Public Safety

HF 2153        Texting while Driving. Increases fine for texting while driving on school district property from $30 to $60. (passed Public Safety 20-0) to House Calendar.

HF 2259        Human Sex Trafficking. Creates a voluntary Human Sex Trafficking prevention training program for hotel and motel owners. (passed Public Safety 21-0) to House Calendar.

HF 2334        Reunification Task Force. Creates a task force relating to reunification of unaccompanied children or dependent adults following a natural disaster. (passed Public Safety 21-0) to House Calendar.

HF 2395        Public Safety Telecommunicators Training Standards. Modifies Code definition to allow dispatchers assisting first responders to be considered public safety telecommunicators. (passed Public Safety 20-0) to House Calendar.

HF 515           Sexual Misconduct with Officer. Increases penalty for sexual misconduct between a corrections officer and an individual in custody. (passed Public Safety 20-0) to House Calendar.

HF 684           Medical Amnesty. Provides immunity to college students who are assisting an emergency. (passed Public Safety 21-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 570        Health Providers Criminal Background Checks. Allows health providers, facilities, and programs to use a third-party service to perform a background check in conjunction with the Department of Public Safety. (passed Public Safety 20-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 609        Controlled Substance Bill. Pharmacy Board annual bill classifying certain substances per federal law. (passed Public Safety 19-1) to House Calendar.

HSB 610        County Medical Examiners Reporting Requirements. Creates a work group relating to deaths caused by intoxication and reporting requirements for data collecting purposes. (passed Public Safety 20-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 611          Sex Offender Registration Modification. Modifies requirements for sex offenders modification application. (passed Public Safety 17-3) to House Calendar.

HSB 625        Hazard Mitigation Financial Assistance. Allows Homeland Security and Emergency Management to use financial assistance for pre-hazard mitigation purposes. (passed Public Safety 21-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 626        National Guard Bill. Department of Defense bill that creates a loan repayment program and subjects certain individuals to military code. (passed Public Safety 21-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 653        Medical Cannabidiol Program. Makes various changes to the state’s medical marijuana program. (passed Public Safety 11-9) to House Calendar.

State Government

HF 2035    Compensation of County Supervisors. This legislation puts limits on the compensation of county supervisors to the median annual household income for the county. If during a special election a majority of voters pass a higher wage it can be above median income of the county. (passed Committee 13-10) to House Calendar.

HF 2059    Daylight Savings Time. Establishes day light savings time as the official time throughout the year. Contains language on effective date once neighboring states pass similar legislation. (passed Committee 12-11) to House Calendar.

HF 2210    Liability Protection. Legislation deals with liability of a fire department, emergency medical providers, and law enforcement to be exempt from any tort liability if the equipment donated has issues. (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar.

HF 2396    Hard of Hearing Terminology. Updates code language to the appropriate terminology when referring deaf and heard of hearing individuals. (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 521   Disinterment of Human Remains. Legislation puts in place the definition of cremation and cremated remains as well as the process for the disinterment on cremated remains. (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 551   Police and Fire Pension. Legislation that deals with the disability and retirement benefits for firefighters and police officers. Requires the cities to pay for hospital or medical attention and increases the benefit for injuries or disease arising out of or over the course of employment. (passed Committee 22-1) to House Calendar.

HSB 617   Deferred Sentence. This is the auditor of the state bill, that prevents a public employee or employer from receiving a deferred judgement if ordered to pay restitution more than $150,000. (passed Committee 22-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 618   Examination Fees. from the auditor of state and increases the cap on fees for periodic examination fees for cities that are not required to have an audit. The fee is increased from $375,000 to $600,000. (passed Committee 22-1) to House Committee.

HSB 619   Disaster Recovery. disaster relief bill from the Iowa Finance Authority, that creates a disaster relief fund. (passed Committee 22-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 620   Campaign and Ethics. From the Ethics and Campaign Board and prohibits on an agency selling or leasing real estate to someone who is subject the agencies regulatory authority. Implements another Campaign and Ethics board by applying state law to federal campaign yard signs and allows for higher pay of the executive director. (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 622   Public Information Board Complaints. This legislation extends the timeline for filing a complaint with the Iowa Public Information Board. (passed Committee 22-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 631   EMS as Essential Service. Establishes a process that give the ability for the county board of supervisors to declare EMS an essential service. (passed Committee 22-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 632   County Zoning. The legislation changes current county zoning laws, by certain buildings and land to be exempt independently, the legislation also prohibits a county from amending a comprehensive plan at any time. (passed Committee 13-10) to House Calendar.

HSB 633   Adoptive Parents. Legislation that allows for an adoptive parent the same rights as a biological parent of a newborn. (passed Committee 22-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 647   Licensure Reform. The Governor licensure reform bill.  The bill’s main components include a fee waiver for those at 200% of poverty level, universal licensing, and a consistent standard on criminal history for licensure boards. (passed Committee 22-1) to House Calendar.

HSB 650   Ag. Experiences. exempts agricultural experiences from county regulations on a conditional use permit, special use permit, special exception. (passed Committee 22-1) to House Calendar.

HSB 656   Set-Off Procedure. moves the set off procedure administration from DAS to the Department of Revenue. (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 663   Wine Growlers. Allows for a wine “growler” sales. (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar.


HF 2194       Age for Special Minors Drivers License. Increases the minimum age of a special minors drivers license from 14 to 15. (passed committee 19-2) to House Calendaro

HF 2260       Four Lane Bypass Planning. States that if a bypass is proposed around a town of 10,000 or less, their must be a public hearing held in the town. (passed committee 19-2) to House Calendar

HF 2408       Transfer of License. Allows a person to surrender their registration card and plates to a county treasurer of any county, not simply where its registered. (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HF 2409       Electric Assist Bicycles.   Defines and regulates the use of low-speed electric bikes (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 640      Transportation of Timber. Increases the surety bond needed to a maximum of $50,000 and changes requirements for timber ownership certificates. (passed committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HSB 665      Independent Motor Truck Operators. Allows certain motor truck operators to operate as contractors if they are leasing their vehicle.  (passed committee 11-10) to House Calendar

Veterans Affairs

HSB 597      Military Service Tax Exemption Verification.  When a veteran applies for a military service property tax exemption, the claim will be verified by a veteran services office and not another entity. (passed House Veterans Affairs Committee 15-0) to House Calendar

HSB 637      Property Tax Exemption for Veteran Organization.  Strikes the requirement that an organization who receives a property tax exemption be made with only veterans of any war. Now, organizations can apply for this exemption if they are composed of veterans (no longer have to be all veterans who served during any war).  (passed House Veterans Affairs Committee 16-0) to House Calendar