Thurs. Feb. 21 – Wed. Feb. 27, 2019



HSB 173      Beginning Farmer Tax Credit.  Modifies the beginning farmer tax credit program and returns the tax credit level to $12 million annually.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Ways and Means

HSB 199      Trade Resolution. A House Concurrent Resolution calling on congress to enact trade agreements with Mexico and Canada. (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar


HSB 3           City Utility Board Member Removal.  Amends current board member removal procedure to include judicial intervention. (passed Committee 22-1) to House Calendar.

HSB 5           Franchisor/Franchisee.  Defines franchisor/franchisee relationship and creates exemptions for Franchisors from certain liabilities under Iowa Code. (passed Committee 13-10) to House Calendar.

HSB 31         Permissible Interest Rates.  Allows the Banking Superintendent to adjust interest rates and finance charges for $30,000 loans or less. (passed Committee 13-10) to House Calendar.

HSB 32         Public Utility Fee for Right-of-Way. Modifies “management cost” definition relating to fees imposed by local governments for public utilities right-of-way usage. (passed Committee 13-10) to House Calendar.

HSB 34         Consumer Credit Loan Application Fees.  Allows Credit Unions to be exempt from charging denied applicants an application fee. (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 40         Student Loan Debt Management Services.  Requires debt managers and loan servicers to be licensed when assisting borrowers with loan modifications. (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 105      Real Estate Appraisers Certification.  Modifies “Real Estate Appraiser” definition to allow practice of privilege within the state. (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 181      Workers’ Compensation Definition.  Alters personal injury definition for worker’s compensation eligibility. (passed Committee 15-8) to House Floor.

HSB 182      Portable Electronic Device Insurance. Allows insurance carriers to electronically send notification to portable electronic device holders. (passed Committee 23-0) to House Floor.

HSB 187      Domestic Surplus Line Insurers.  Allows domestic surplus line insurers to domicile within the state. (passed Committee 23-0) to House Floor.

HF 225         Fire and Casualty Insurance Claims for Demolition Reserves.  Requires fire and casualty insurers to withhold 20% or $20,000 from homeowner’s insurance for demolition reserve. (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar.

HF 262         Promotional Pyramid Schemes.  Defines and criminalizes pyramid scheme operations within Iowa Code. (passed House Floor  88-10 ) to the Senate Calendar.

HF 264         Domestic Stock Insurers.  Allows domestic stock insurers to organize and divide under Iowa Code. (passed House Floor 98-0) to Senate Calendar.

HF 489         Pharmacy Benefit Managers.  Requires pharmacy benefit managers to submit an annual report to the Insurance Commissioner describing drug costs. (passed Committee 23-0) to House Floor.


HF 184         Expansion of Preschool Program.  Currently, to be in Iowa’s voluntary preschool program, a child must be four by September 15.  The bill expands this to five-year olds, and eliminates the date requirement.  Age determination would happen when they sign up.  A child could take preschool at age four or at age five.  It would apply to the 2020-21 school year. (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar

HF 197         Multiple Siblings in a Classroom.  School administrators would have to consult and give deference to parents or guardians of multiple siblings enrolled in the same grade level for grades K-5 to be in the same classroom.  (passed Committee 12-11) to House Calendar

HSB 79         All Iowa Opportunity Scholarship Age.  Eliminates the age requirement under the All Iowa Opportunity Scholarship that someone has to be between the ages of 18-23.  This part of the program is for the surviving child of a peace officer, fire fighter, sheriff or deputy sheriff or foster child. (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar

HSB 130      Whole Grade Sharing Sunset Removed.  Currently, school districts that participate in whole grade sharing and joint employment are eligible to receive supplementary weighting of up to 0.1 per student for three years. Additionally, if the school districts reorganize, they may be eligible to receive the supplementary weighting for a total of six years.  The bill extends the sunset to the program from July 1, 2019 to July 1, 2024.  (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar

Environmental Protection Committee

HF 512         Fee In Lieu of Mitigation.  Authorizes the DNR to create a program allowing for payment to the DNR in lieu of mitigation.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Ways & Means Committee

Human Resources

HSB 158      Practice of Polysomnography.  Tightens regulations for in-home sleep diagnostic testing. (passed House Human Resources Committee 20-0) to House Floor

HSB 159      Online Continuing Education Requirements.  Allows Licensed Social Workers, Marital and Family Therapists, and Mental Health Counselors to take online continuing education credits without limitation, as long as those credits comply with standards set by their Boards. (passed House Human Resources Committee 20-0) to House Floor

HSB 166      Interim Committee.  Creates an interim committee looking at the Child Care Assistance and the cliff effect, as well as food assistance programs. (passed House Human Resources Committee 21-0) to House Floor

HF 294         Brain Injury Home and Community-Based Waiver Cap.  Removes the monthly Medicaid cap for those on the brain injury home and community-based services waiver. (passed House Human Resources Committee 21-0) to House Floor

HF 295         Dually Eligible Beneficiaries.  Requires DHS to request federal approval to allow Medicaid to pay the nursing facility directly for the room and board costs, and eliminates the pass-through payment with the hospice provider for dually eligible Medicare and Medicaid members. (passed House Human Resources Committee 21-0) to House Floor

HF 340         Iowa Care Act.  AARP initiative regarding appropriate discharge planning and post-hospital services information for the lay caregiver of an individual. (passed House Human Resources Committee 20-1) to House Floor

HF 372         Medical Residency Positions.  Gives preference for Iowa residents and those that graduated from an Iowa institution for medical residency training state matching grants and the University of Iowa federal residency positions. Also states that both of these programs must offer a rural rotation to the candidate. (passed House Human Resources Committee 21-0) to House Floor

Judiciary Committee

HF 233         Life-Sustaining Procedures for Children.  Prohibits a court to have the authority to require the withdrawal of life-sustaining procedures for a minor child over the objection of the parent or guardian.  (passed Committee 12-9) to House Calendar

HSB 22         Adult Guardianship and Conservatorship Updates.  Amends Iowa Code related to the opening and administration of guardianships of adults and conservatorships of adults and minors.  (passed Committee 19-0) to House Calendar

HSB 41         Home Improvement Fraud.  Creates a new crime of home improvement fraud for contractors that commit a variety of frauds against consumers in a home improvement contract.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HSB 112      “Personal Degradation” – Dependent Adult Abuse.  Defines “personal degradation” and makes person degradation of a dependent adult caretaker a form of dependent adult abuse.  (passed Committee 19-0) to House Calendar

HSB 116      Rental Late Fee Increases.  Allows landlords to increase fees for late payment of rent from current code.  (passed Committee 12-7) to House Calendar

HSB 118      Minor Guardianship Updates.  Amends Iowa Code related to establishing a guardianship of a minor.  (passed Committee 19-0) to House Calendar

HSB 136      Nonsubstantive Code Corrections.  Makes nonsusbstantive corrections to the Iowa Code.  (passed Committee 19-0) to House Calendar

Natural Resources

HF 164         Licenses for Apprentice Hunters.  The bill allows nonresidents under the age of 16 to hunt in Iowa without a license as long as they are accompanied by an adult with a license.  (passed Committee 20-1) to House Calendar

HF 318         Out of State Contracts with the DNR.  The bill prohibits out of state companies from receiving contracts with the DNR to remove rough fish from in-land lakes.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HSB 104      Snowmobile Registrations.  The bill eliminates the requirement that snowmobile owners obtain two $15 user permits and instead raises the annual registration fee to $30.  (passed Committee 20-0) to House Calendar

Public Safety

HJR 3            Eliminates Background Checks.  This would incorporate language into the Iowa Constitution that would eliminate background checks when purchasing a gun.  (passed Committee 11-9) to House Calendar.

HSB 71         Criminal Trespass While Hunting, Fishing or Trapping.  This amends Code to allow law enforcement to arrest or issue citation to someone criminally trespassing while hunting, fishing or trapping.  (passed Committee 20-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 72         Sexual Misconduct with Offenders.  This criminalizes sexual misconduct between Department of Correction employees and inmates.  (passed Committee 19-1) to House Calendar.

HSB 82         Agricultural Theft Surcharge.  This adds an additional $500 surcharge to convicted “C” and “D” felonies of agricultural vandalism or theft.  (passed Committee 20-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 139      Department of Human Rights Advisory Boards.  This combines the Criminal Justice and Juvenile Planning Committee, Sex Offender Research Council and Public Safety Advisory Board into one advisory board.  (passed Committee 20-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 155      Telecommunication Infrastructure Installation.  This prohibits local government from prohibiting E-911 telecommunication infrastructure installation based on appearance.  (passed Committee 20-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 157      Vehicular Homicide.  This creates a penalty for individuals who directly or indirectly cause the death of someone while exceeding 25 mph over the speed limit.  (passed Committee 11-10) to House Calendar.

State Government

HF 310         Practice of Optometry. Expands the scope of practice for optometrist in the state of Iowa. (passed the House 87-9) to Senate.

HSB 147      Tax Preparer’s. A bill requiring tax preparers to use a federally issued tax preparer identification number on tax returns, the bill also establishes 15 continuing education hours per year for tax preparers (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 170      Deputy County Auditor Salary. Comes from the County Auditors and will allow for the deputy county auditor of elections to be paid up to 85% of the salary of the County Auditor.  (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 94         Landscape Architects.  Changes the requirements for one of the board members, by not requiring the member to be practicing for 5 years. The bill also clarifies that the professional examination administered by the board is the National Examination. (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 95         Alcohol Beverages Division. This is the ABD Technical Bill. Includes language that Hy-Vee wants to address aisles online and wine pick up. (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar.

HSB 99         Flood Bonds. This extends the amount of time a bond can be retired from 20 to 30 years if spent for a flood related purpose.  (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar.


HF 517         Minors Drivers License. Raises the driving distance limit for student permits for students at accredited non-public schools from 25 to 50 miles (passed Committee 19-2) to House Calendar

HF 535         Automated Driving Systems.  Defines, authorizes and regulates automated driving systems.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

Ways & Means Committee

HF 546         SAVE Extension and Reform.  Extends the sunset to the Secure an Advanced Vision for Education fund (SAVE) program until 2051.  It also creates a career academy grant program to help establish career academies that specialize in Career Technical Education (CTE) training.  If SAVE revenue growth is 2.0% or more in a fiscal year, the amount the amount transferred to the Property Tax Equity Relief fund (PTER) will increase by 1.0%.  There would be 2/3 of that increase that would add to the amount provided to property poor districts.  Also, there would be 1/3 of that 1% deposited for property tax relief for all districts.  The bill also requires changes to a school district’s Revenue Purpose Statement for SAVE projects and allows the ability to petition for a vote on a SAVE project.  (passed Committee 23-1) to House Calendar

HSB 126      Aircraft Parts Tax Exemption.  Expands the existing sales tax exemption for aircraft component parts to include all parts sold, rented, or used in the state.  (passed Committee 24-1) to House Calendar

SF 220          179 Expensing for Corporations.  Expands the increased 179 expensing for individuals to income by corporations, financial institutions, partnerships, and Limited Liability Companies.  (passed Committee 25-0) to House Calendar