Thurs. March 8 – Wed. March 14, 2018



HF 637       Background Checks. Allows an applicant with the Office of the Chief Information Officer (Office), or an applicant with a participating agency for an information technology position to be subject to a background investigation by the Office. The list of crimes has been expanded for disqualification of an applicant, employee, or the Superintendent of the Credit Union Division (Division). In addition, the Division may conduct background investigation for all applicants with the Division. (Passed Senate Appropriations 20-0) to Senate Appropriations Calendar.

HF 648         Career and Educational Technical Programs. Makes technical changes to the Career Technical Education which added the Work-based Learning program to the worker’s compensation section so students under that program would have protections in case of injury. (passed Senate Appropriations 20-0) to Senate Appropriation Calendar.

HF 2254       911 Wireline.  Allows the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management to take over 911 wire line calls and allows locals to opt in and participate in a call processing equipment host site that will be paid for by the Department.  (passed Senate Appropriations Committee 20-0) to Senate Calendar.

Commerce Committee

HF 2171       Electronically Stopping Payment of a Negotiable Instrument. Allows for a stop payment in electronic form. (passed Senate 49 to 0) to Governor.

HF 2234     Shortening Foreclosure. Shortens the amount of time someone has to prevent foreclosure on their home. (passed Senate 47 to 2) to House.

HF 2236       Service of Process Clean Up. Technical clean up from the Iowa Insurance Division that provides uniformity in the Code regarding service of process. (passed Senate 49-0) to Governor.

HF 2458      Future Ready Iowa. This is the Governor’s plan that replaces and renames many existing scholarship and grant programs that are currently in place. The program also creates new programs for high demand job internship programs. There is no appropriation in the legislation to fund any of these programs. (passed House 99-0) to Senate.


HF 2235       Next Generation Iowa Test as the Iowa Assessment. Designates the Next Generation Iowa Test as the new Iowa assessment for K-12 schools. The Senate amendment adds in requirements from the RFP requirements designated in legislation last year. The bill takes effect upon enactment. (passed Senate 39-10) to House floor with Senate amendment

HF 2283       Board of Education Examiners (BOEE) License Expiration. The bill removes the exact expiration month tied to a practitioner’s birthday for a license. They would not have to pay for an extension to cover the time lapse which would now be tied to the end of an academic year. (passed Senate 49-0) to Governor

HF 2467       Food Shaming in School Meal Programs. School Districts and non-public schools would be required to provide communication on school lunch accounts directly to the parent or guardian, but could still discreetly provide communication to the student. Requires that a school cannot publicly identify or stigmatize the student for being delinquent in their meal account. This would include, sitting at a separate table, or requiring a student to do chores for food, wear a wrist band, hand stamp, or other identifying marks. A student could also not be denied participation in afterschool program or other extracurricular activities due to school meal debt. Meals provided are encouraged to be a reimbursable meal. An alternative meal could still be provided, but would now have to be offered to every student in a manner that does not identify a student with a debt. The bill allows for after a certain amount of debt, and after two years of attempts of trying to collect, the school district may proceed with an income-offset to collect. It allows school districts to set up a private fund within their nutrition fund that could accept donations to offset school lunch debt, and the fund can only be used for that purpose, and a school is allowed to also reimburse that fund with moneys from their flexibility fund.  (passed Committee 97-0) to Senate Education

HF 2390       World Language and Sign Language. Makes the technical change of “foreign language” courses renamed to “world languages.” Also, American sign language would now be an option to be included as a course to meet a “world language” education requirements for accreditation standards. (passed House 98- 0) to Senate Education

SF 455          District Cost Per Pupil (DCPP) Inequity and Transportation Funding. The bill builds in a supplemental funding amount of $2.5 million to pay for the District Cost Per Pupil (DCPP) inequity that would be distributed to school districts. It does not provide property tax relief. Instead of providing assistance to all school districts over 10 years on transportation costs, it does a 1-year buy down worth a total of $11.2 million, to the highest transportation cost districts to an amount of $432 per pupil transported. The current average transportation cost per pupil state wide is $314. Signed, effective March 8, 2018

SF 2113       Suicide Prevention Training. Under the House amendment, by July 1, 2019, school boards would be required to have one hour of nationally recognized training on suicide prevention and postvention for all licensed school personnel who have contact with students grades K-12. Also by the same date, school boards are required to annually have evidence-based, evidence-supported training on the identification of ACE and strategies to mitigate toxic stress response for all licensed school personnel with regular contact with students in K- 12. The content of the training is required to be based on nationally recognized best practices. (passed House 98-0) to Senate with House Amendment

SF 2360       Dyslexia Taskforce. The Department of Education is required to establish a taskforce on dyslexia taskforce and provide a report to the General Assembly by November 15, 2019. They are to consider student screening, interventions, teacher preparation, professional development, classroom accommodations, and assistive technology. (passed Senate 39-10) to House Education Committee

SF 2364       School Emergency Operation Plans. Public and non-public schools would have to develop emergency operations plans no later than June 30, 2019 and update it annually. It will include response to active shooter training. The plan would include publication of the procedures to parents and guardians and school personnel. The school is to consider any recommendations from the Department of Education and consult with local emergency management. (passed Committee 21-2) to House Calendar

Environmental Protection

HF 2303       DNR Policy Bill. Updates DNR policy related reports filed with the Legislature, clarifying what constitutes recycling facilities, and places the geological survey at the University of Iowa.  (passed Senate 48-1) to Governor

Human Resources

HF 2356       Direct Primary Care Agreements. For dually eligible Medicaid and Medicare patients, this bill will allow MCOs to directly reimburse the nursing home for room and board expenses when a patient chooses the Medicare hospice benefit. Currently, the MCOs pass the payments through the hospice care provider-adding to their administrative burden.  (passed Senate Human Resources Committee 9-3) to Senate Calendar

HF 2377       Opioids. The bill has the following provisions: prescribing practitioners have to register for the PMP (Prescription Monitoring Program), all information entered into the PMP has to be submitted within one business day, surcharge can be added to registration fees to go towards administering the PMP, electronic prescribing on all opioids by January 1, 2020, annual report sent by the Board of Pharmacy to prescribers detailing history of prescribers use and summary of prescribing controlled substances, allows Pharmacy Board to establish penalties if a prescriber prescribes too much of a controlled substance, adds substances to Schedule I and II, adds Good Samaritan language. (passed Senate Human Resources Committee 12-0) to Senate Calendar

HF 2449       Office of Substitute Decision Maker. Department of Aging bill-code clean-up.  Changes the name of the Office of Substitute Decision Maker to the Office of Public Guardian.  Clarification that allows local offices to use their own attorney if they wish. (passed Senate Human Resources Committee 12-0) to Senate Calendar

HF 2451       Department of Aging Bill. Clarifies programs within the Department of Aging, adds flexibility to spending of state funds by changing “formula” to “method,” language conforming to federal laws. (passed Senate Human Resources Committee 12-0) to Senate Calendar

HF 2456       Mental Health Bill.

  • Allows for disclosure of mental health illness from mental health professional to law enforcement
  • Commitment laws/process
  • Allows for commitment hearings via videoconferencing
  • Allows for contracting with transportation agency for secure transportation of patients
  • Changes Core plus services to Core Services that are required.  Regions have to provide start-up costs
  • Provides 22 Assertive Community Treatment teams, 6 Access Centers, Intensive Residential Service Homes
  • Creates a 24 hour crisis hotline
  • Review of commitment processes report and report regarding the role of tertiary care psychiatric hospitals

(passed Senate Human Resources Committee 12-0) to Senate Calendar

HF 2462       Medicaid Efficiency. Cleans up language in the hawk-I program, mandates that all counties share incarceration data with Iowa Medicaid Enterprise (IME), institutes a flat copayment of $1.00 for all prescriptions, adds a section that directs the Medicaid Assistance Advisory Council (MAAC) to review and make recommendations on Medicaid reporting requirements. Standardizes provider forms, updates member services, adds more program oversight. (passed House 97-0) to Senate Appropriations Committee

SF 360          Safe Haven Updates. Changes the age an infant can be given up under Safe Haven from 14 days old to 30 days old, and allows parents of an eligible infant to call 911 and relinquish physical custody to a first responder instead of taking the infant to the nearest health facility. (passed House 98-0) to Governor

SF 2203       Nurse Refresher Course. Allows the Board of Nursing to issue a limited nursing authorization to a nurse who is working to complete the clinical component of a nurse refresher course.  These refresher courses are required to be taken by any person who has not held an active nursing license within the previous five years. (passed House Human Resources Committee 20-0) to House Calendar

SF 2228       Genetic Counselors Licensure. Provides licensing to Genetic Counselors. (passed House 97-1) to Governor

SF 2299       Stroke Centers. Provides for designation of comprehensive, primary and thrombectomy-capable stroke centers and acute stroke-ready hospitals. (passed House Human Resources Committee 20-0) to House Calendar

SF 2322       Pharmacy Bill. Allows pharmacy technicians to verify the accuracy of dispensed medication, allows pharmacists to administer flu vaccines for anyone ages 6 months and older (current law is 6 years or older), allows pharmacists to administer to adults 18 years or older various vaccines including Naloxone, and allows pharmacists to administer to patients 11 years or older the final two doses of the HPV vaccine.  The first dose has to be administered by a primary health care provider.   Finally, the bill directs pharmacists to keep a record of all prescription drugs and vaccines that they administered and notify the patient’s primary care provider of these changes. (passed House Human Resources Committee 20-0) to House Calendar


HF 2284       Statute of Limitations for Rent Claims. Strikes the five year statute of limitations for bringing judgments for rent. (passed House 49-0) to House as Amended

HF 2404       Restitution Awards Reduced by Insurance. Prohibits a restitution award to be reduced by any third-party payment, including insurance. (passed House 98-0) to Senate Judiciary Committee

HF 2435       Domestic Abuse Lethality Screening. Creates a domestic abuse lethality screening assessment. (passed House 98-0) to Senate Judiciary Committee

HF 2436       Probation Violations. Requests an interim study on probation violations. (passed House 98-0) to Senate Judiciary Committee

HF 2443       Juvenile Delinquency Jurisdiction. Changes the delinquency jurisdiction of the juvenile court and the confidentiality of certain juvenile court records. (passed House 98-0) to Senate Judiciary Committee

SF 361          Delegation of Parental Authority. Allows for the temporary delegation of parental authority. (passed Committee 14-7) to House Calendar

SF 385          Uniform Athletes Agents Act. Updates the Uniform Athletes Act that creates standards for student athlete representation. (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

SF 415          Alcohol Immunity. Provides immunity from certain criminal offenses for seeking emergency assistance for alcohol overdoses. (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

SF 2099       Probate Small Estates. Increases the size of a small estate for streamlined probate procedures from $100,000 to $200,000. (passed House 98-0) to Senate as Amended

SF 2165       Crime Victim Compensation Fund Updates. Makes changes to the crime victim compensation fund to expand eligible survivors and clarify what expenses can be paid by the fund. (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

SF 2175       In Kind Property Partitions. Creates a process to allow in kind partitions of property and partitions of property by sale. (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

SF 2229       Mechanic’s Liens and Collateral Security. Removes the current prohibition on obtaining a mechanic’s lien if a person takes collateral. (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

SF 2241       Board of Parole Update. Makes changes to parole violations and procedures of the Board of Parole. (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

SF 2282       Criminal Omnibus. Makes changes to a variety of criminal offenses and criminal penalties. (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

SF 2321       Conceal Carry of a Stun Gun. Excludes going armed with portable electrical devices, such as stun guns, from the criminal offense of carrying weapons, except for minors. (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar


HF 2297       Boiler Inspections. Increases the threshold for boiler inspections and changes procedures for boilers in dry layup (passed Senate Labor 6-4) to Senate Calendar

HF 2321       Criminal Background Checks. Allows IWD to conduct background checks on employees and makes changes to vacation payout (passed Senate Labor 9-1 ) to Senate Calendar

HF 2383        Employer Alcohol Testing. Lowers blood alcohol test limits for private sector alcohol tests from                                                .04 to .02 (passed Senate Labor 8-2) to Senate Calendar

SF 2353       Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Federal Conformity. Conforms local workforce development boards with the federal law by making changes to membership structure and duties. (passed committee 14-3) to House Calendar

Local Government

HF 2369       Bond Issuance Election Dates. Creates an election date of 2nd week of November, matching city and general elections dates, for all bond votes. Currently they are done by special election with any possible date. There are concerns about bond rates if all bonds in Iowa are approved at the same time. (passed Committee 52-44) to Senate State Government Committee

HF 2314       Fireworks Local Ordinance Violation Fine. Gives the ability of local governments to administer a civil municipal infraction for a fireworks ordinance violation of up to $750, unless the city reclassifies. A second violation would be up to $1,000. As passed the House, the bill would also include this ability for counties. (passed House 96-2) to Senate Judiciary Committee

SF 2226       Ground Water Hazard Statements. Of the records within the County Recorder, the bill exempts ground water hazard statements from their reporting format requirements. Ground water hazard statements are required as part of the reporting of private burial sites, wells, disposal sites, underground storage tanks, hazardous waste, and private sewage disposal systems. Under that code section, a County Recorder, is required to refuse to record any deed, instrument, or writing for which a declaration of value unless the groundwater hazard statement has been submitted to the County Recorder. (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

SF 2227       Counties Publishing of Supervisors Resolutions. Currently the County Board of Supervisors are required to publish one week after a meeting a copy of their proceedings. The bill requires the county auditor to include a summary or complete text of the resolutions for publication. If the county has a website, they need to post it on their website. (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

SF 2325       Vehicle Title Release. Currently Iowa only allows someone when they release their vehicle to be sold to sign their title. The bill adds the option of doing the cancellation of a vehicle title by way of notarized release form or letter which is allowed in other states. (passed House 98-0) to Governor

Natural Resources

HF 631         Hunting and Fishing Fees. Currently Iowa Code sets the prices for hunting and fishing licenses. This bill would allow the Natural Resources Commission to set the prices through the Rules process. (passed Senate Ways and Means Committee 15-0) to Senate Calendar

HF 2365       Department of Natural Resources Conservation and Recreation Policies. Currently the Department of Natural Resources has to pull from several different Code sections in order to have the authority to execute agreements and contracts, this bill puts that authority into one Code section. The bill also repeals the Mississippi River Partnership Council and the Brushy Creek Recreation Trails and Advisory Board. (passed Senate Natural Resources and Environment Committee 12-0) to Senate Calendar

HF 2371       Exempting the State and Municipalities from Liability Due to Honeybee Hives. This bill amends the Iowa Tort Claims Act and the Municipal Tort Claims Act. State and municipality property would be exempt from liability claims relating to honeybee hives purposely placed on public property as long as the hive owner and the state acted in good faith. (passed Senate Local Government Committee 10-0) to Senate Calendar

HF 2466       Management of Spreadable Diseases among Wild Animals. This bill designates the Department of Natural Resources as the lead agency in preventing the spread of diseases in wild animals. The DNR can establish zones, create special hunting seasons, require samples from harvested animals, and other necessary actions to stop the spread of diseases. The bill also establishes regulations on imported deer meat from states and providences with chronic wasting disease. (passed Senate Natural Resources and Environment Committee 12-0) to Senate Calendar




Public Safety Committee

HF2255        Contraband at Community Based Correctional Facilities. Adds community based correctional facilities to the list of institutions where contraband is prohibited. (passed Senate 49 to 0) to Governor.

HF2338        OWI Interlock Devices. Requires everyone that received an OWI to get an ignition interlock device and removes all restrictions that are currently on a temporary restricted license. (passed Senate Judiciary Committee) to Senate Calendar.

HF2392       Mechanical Eavesdropping. Allows for the collection of audio from a legally placed surveillance camera/video. (passed Senate Judiciary Committee) to Senate Calendar.

HF 2254      911 Wireline. Allows the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management to take over 911 wire line calls and allows locals to opt in and participate in a call processing equipment host site that will be paid for by the Department. (passed Senate Appropriations Committee) to Senate Calendar.

State Government

HF 2200        Terrace Hill Piano Competition. This bill allows for the Terrace Hill Commission to establish an endowment fund for a piano competition. (Passed Senate Committee 8-0) to Senate Calendar.

HF 2252        SOS Policy Bill. Technical bill that implements parts of last year’s voter suppression law as well issues dealing with the Safe at Home programs, removing deceased voters. (Passed the House 58-40) to Senate.

HF 2425       Physical Therapist Compact. Sets up the parameters of Physical Therapist licensure compact in the state. (passed Senate Committee 14-0) to Senate Calendar.

HF 2439       Horse Racing Regulations. Allows for different weight requirements for Iowa foals as well as allows for the drug testing of a horse with hair. (Passed the House 96-1) to Senate.

SF 192          Behavior Analysts. Creates the licensure for Behavior Analysts in Iowa. (passed Committee 22-1) to House Calendar.

SF 2289       Indian Tribe Recognition. Allows for federally recognized Native American tribes to officially interact with other public agencies. (Passed the House 98-0) to Governor.

SF 2310       ABD Technical. This is the technical legislation from the Alcoholic Beverages Division, this updates definitions and terms to reflect current practice. (Passed the House 98-0) to Governor.


HF 2193       Text Message Notification. Allows a person who receives a traffic citation to sign up for text notification for citation payments, court dates, etc. The text will come from a third party vendor who has a contract with the Iowa Judicial Branch. Those choosing to use the voluntary service will see up to a 6% increase in their fine. (passed Senate Committee 11-1) to Senate Calendar.

HF 2304       Move Over Law. Expands the “move over” law to include private construction as well as an individual’s private vehicles. A driver must now use due care while passing a person working on their car on the side of the road so long as that person is using their emergency flashing lights. (passed Senate Committee 12-0) to Senate Calendar.

SF 2293       Motor Vehicle Dealers. An agreement that regulates record keeping and recalls for motor vehicle dealers. (Passed Committee 19-0) to House Calendar.

SF 220          Traffic Cameras. Creates a process for the installation and monitoring of automated traffic camera enforcement. Including a public hearing, appeal process, and daily calibration. (passed the House 77-21) to Senate Calendar.

SF 2231       Guns on ATVs and Snow Mobiles. Expands current law that allows for a person to carry a loaded weapon on an ATV or snowmobile to allow them to carry if they are working on property they are laboring on. (passed Committee 17-2) to House Calendar.

SF 2324       Pickups as School Busses. Allows for a school district to use a pick up as school bus. (passed Committee 19-0) to House Calendar.

SJR 2007     Driver’s License Revocations. A resolution that states the General Assembly is opposed to federal law that revokes a person’s driver’s license for a drug charge. (passed the House 90-8) to Governor.

Veterans Affairs

HF 2355       Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment. Creates a Veterans Recovery Pilot Program to reimburse for expenses related to hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Establishes a Veterans Recovery Fund in the State Treasury under the control of the Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs to go with the program. This is subject to sufficient funds, and does not include an appropriation. (passed Senate Veterans Affairs Committee short form) to Senate Calendar

HF 2420       National Service Corps Program. Establishes a National Service Corps program in Iowa. This program will make it easier for organizations to create service opportunities and for public agencies to use these programs. Also allows agencies to give alumni of the program preference in employment.  This new initiative would join existing programs like Senior Corps, AmeriCorps, RefugeeRISE AmeriCorps, and the Iowa Mentoring Partnership. There is no direct appropriation for the new program, but it will be able to use the same funds (established in 15H.5) as the other service programs.  (passed Senate Education Committee 15-0) to Senate Calendar

SF 2365       Service Animals. Requires the Iowa Civil Rights Commission and the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division to create an assistance and service animals verification form to be used for housing applications. The bill also adds miniature horses to the definition of “service animals” to conform with the federal definition. Finally, the bill provides for penalties (simple misdemeanor) if a person intentionally misrepresents an animal as a service animal or a service-animal-in training. (passed House Veterans Affairs Committee 16-0) to House Calendar



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