Thurs. Feb. 22 – Wed. Feb. 28, 2018



HF 2407       Pesticides in Lakes. Creates a new civil penalty for applying pesticides into lakes without a license. (passed House 98-0) to Senate Agriculture Committee

HF 2408       Sale of Eggs. Requires that a businesses that accepts WIC maintain an inventory of regular eggs. (passed committee 81-17) to Senate

HF 2422       Management of Noxious Weeds. Allows Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship to add a weed to the list themselves without legislative approval and would also create a state weed commissioner. (passed committee 96-2) to Senate Agriculture Committee

HF 2440       Water Quality Cleanup. Cleans up the water quality bill Republicans rushed through a couple weeks ago. The bill changes already outdated reporting dates, standardizes references to the Nutrient Reduction Strategy and removes a mandate of drainage districts(passed committee 67-31) to Senate Natural Resources Committee


SF 455          District Cost Per Pupil (DCPP) Inequity and Transportation Funding. The bill builds in a supplemental funding amount of $2.5 million to pay for the District Cost Per Pupil (DCPP) inequity that would be distributed to school districts. It does not provide property tax relief. Instead of providing assistance to all school districts over 10 years on transportation costs, it does a 1-year buy down worth a total of $11.2 million, to the highest transportation cost districts to an amount of $432 per pupil transported. The current average transportation cost per pupil state wide is $314. (passed Senate 45-4) to Governor

Commerce Committee

HF 2171       Electronically Stopping Payment of a Negotiable Instrument. Allows for a stop payment in electronic form. (passed House 95-0) to Senate.

HF 2305       Telehealth Insurance Coverage. Requires insurance companies to cover telehealth. (passed House 98-0) to Senate Commerce Committee.

HF 2379       Municipal Utility Retirement System. Allows for the merger of electric utility retirement system with IPERS. (passed House 94-0) to Senate.


HF 2230       State Supplemental Aid (SSA). Establishes a 1% increase in SSA for K-12 schools for FY 2019. This is a $67 increase in the state cost per pupil to $6,731, and an overall state aid dollar amount increase of $31.96 million. Due to the low increase, 183 of the 333 school districts (55%) would be on the budget guarantee, which is made up entirely from local property taxes to reach the 101% funding level provided by the guarantee. The Senate receded from their transportation funding amendment since it is dealt with in another bill. (passed Senate 28-21) to Governor

SF 2114       Department of Education Corrections Bill. Eliminates obsolete language relating to the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001, and makes other technical corrections. The Before and After School Grant program is repealed. The program provides competitive grants to school districts and other public and private organizations to expand the availability of before and after school program and summer schools, but it has not been funded since FY 2009. It requires that the state board’s rules provide a set of core academic indicators in science in grade 10, rather than the current requirement for core academic indicators in science, grade 11 to match assessment requirements changes made last session. (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar

SF 2131       Home School ILO Expansion. The Department of Education’s (DE) Iowa Learning Online (ILO) initiative would be expanded to allow home schoolers access to the program. The person providing the instruction would receive the student’s scores for completed coursework.   Currently, only school districts and accredited nonpublic schools may partner with the initiative to receive ILO classes, and the participating school district, or nonpublic school receive the grades for recording for graduation. Under the bill, a person providing the instruction would receive the student’s scores for completed coursework for the home school student. The fee charged to the parent or guardian will be the same charged for public schools, private schools of $260. As amended by the House, clarification is provided that the fees collected will not exceed the cost of administration. The House also added a work group by the Area Education Agencies with community colleges to identify effective ways to access online education. (passed House 60-39) to Senate with House Amendment

SF 2272       Community College State Accreditation Standards. The bill sets up a state voluntary accreditation process for community colleges that they may follow, which the State Board of Education is required to adopt rules for. All community colleges must still abide by the national accreditation standards set by the Higher Learning Commission which they are currently required to abide by to receive financial aid. The ad hoc accreditation quality committee may visit a community college when invited to assist them in complying with the state voluntary accreditation process. The bill also eliminates the requirement that community college professors obtain a baccalaureate or graduate degree in the area or a related area of study or occupational area, and the cap of 16 hours per semester that a professor may teach unless there is mutual consent with the community college and the professor.  (passed Senate 30-20) to House Education

SF 2274       Department of Education Reports Cite Laws and Rules. The Director of the Department of Education (DE) is required to cite the state or federal law, rule, or regulation requiring the information in any report which DE requires of a school district, area education agency, and accredited nonpublic school to submit. (Passed Committee 16-7) to House Calendar

SF 2341       Civics Test Required for Graduation. Currently, Iowa requires at a minimum, three years of social studies, as well as 21st Century Learning Skills that include civic literacy and financial literacy. Those required classes to graduate include government and economics. SF 2341 would require a civics test as an additional graduation requirement. To pass the test, the student must pass it with at least 60% or higher. The student may start taking the test by 7th grade, and schools must allow it to be offered at least annually. As amended by the Senate, the bill requires the test to be a multiple-choice civics examination that consists of all of the questions used in the latest available civics examination administered by the United States citizenship and immigration services. The proctored examination is to be completed without ancillary materials. The test would be required starting for the 2019-20 school year. (passed Senate 38-12) to House Education

Human Resources

HF 2356       Direct Primary Care Agreements. For dually eligible Medicaid and Medicare patients, this bill will allow MCOs to directly reimburse the nursing home for room and board expenses when a patient chooses the Medicare hospice benefit. Currently, the MCOs pass the payments through the hospice care provider-adding to their administrative burden.  (passed House 94-1) to Senate Human Resources Committee

HF 2377       Opioids. The bill has the following provisions: prescribing practitioners have to register for the PMP (Prescription Monitoring Program), all information entered into the PMP has to be submitted within one business day, surcharge can be added to registration fees to go towards administering the PMP, electronic prescribing on all opioids by January 1, 2020, annual report sent by the Board of Pharmacy to prescribers detailing history of prescribers use and summary of prescribing controlled substances, allows Pharmacy Board to establish penalties if a prescriber prescribes too much of a controlled substance, adds substances to Schedule I and II, adds Good Samaritan language. (passed House 98-0) to Senate Human Resources Committee

HF 2456       Mental Health Bill.

  • Allows for disclosure of mental health illness from mental health professional to law enforcement
  • Commitment laws/process
  • Allows for commitment hearings via videoconferencing
  • Allows for contracting with transportation agency for secure transportation of patients
  • Changes Core plus services to Core Services that are required.  Regions have to provide start-up costs
  • Provides 22 Assertive Community Treatment teams, 6 Access Centers, Intensive Residential Service Homes
  • Creates a 24 hour crisis hotline
  • Review of commitment processes report and report regarding the role of tertiary care psychiatric hospitals

(passed House 98-0) to Senate Human Resources Committee


HF 2125       Probate Distribution of Assets by Affidavit. Increases the size of very small estates that may avoid probate from $25,000 to $50,000 and assures that no debt is owed to DHS for the reimbursement of Medicaid services or any debts are to be paid pursuant to the affidavit. (passed House 98-0) to Senate Calendar

HF 2233       Mechanics Liens Demands and Public Construction Lien Requirements. Allows for decrease the amount demanded in a lien without affecting the priority of the lien and requires a public corporation must retain funds due to a supplier for labor, service, or transportation and requires specific types of notice by the contractor. (passed House 57-40) to Senate Calendar

HF 2343       Rules Explicitly Authorized. Requires standards, requirements, or thresholds to be clearly required or permitted by a statute, rule, or other authority. (passed House 95-2) to Senate Calendar

HF 2348       Nonsubstantive Code Corrections. Makes nonsubstantive corrections to the Code. (passed House 95-0) to Senate Calendar

HF 2378       Terms of Office of Corporations Boards. Amends special requirements governing the terms of office of certain public corporation’s board of directors. (passed House 98-0) to Governor

HF 2381       Disposition of a Child Found to Have Committed a Delinquent Act. Changes the transfer of “guardianship” of a child to the Department of Human Services for placing a child in a facility to transferring the “custody” of the child to DHS. (passed House 98-0) to Senate Judiciary Committee)

HF 2402       Power of Attorney and Elder Abuse. Terminates an agent’s authority under a power of attorney if the agent is found to have committed dependent adult abuse. (passed House 97-0) to Senate Judiciary Committee

HF 2405       Wrongful Birth or Wrongful Life. Prohibits a cause of action and damages for a wrongful birth claim or wrongful life claim. (passed House 59-40) to Senate Judiciary Committee

HF 2457       Substantive Code Corrections. Makes substantive corrections to the Code. (passed House 99-0) to Senate Calendar

Public Safety

HF 2255       Possession of Contraband in Community Based Correctional Facilities. Adds community based correctional facilities to the list of institutions where contraband is prohibited. (passed House 85-10) to Senate.

HF 2392       Surveillance Equipment. Allows for the collection of audio from a legally placed surveillance camera/video. (passed House 94-0) to Senate Judiciary Committee.

HF 2254       911 Wireline. Allows the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management to take over 911 wire line calls. Locals can also opt in and participate in a call processing equipment host site that will be paid by the Department. (passed House 98-0) to Senate Appropriations Committee.

State Government

HF 2351       Peace Officer Health Care. Gives the ability for the spouse and child of a peace officer killed in the line of duty to stay on the fallen officers health care. (passed House 95-0) to Senate Commerce Committee.

HF 2417       Credit Cards at Fairs. Allows for the purchase of tickets or wristbands for carnival games with a credit card at state and county fairs. (Passed House 98-0, Passed Senate 50-0) to Governor.


SF 2163       Blue and White Lights. This bill repeals the sunset of a 2015 law that allowed snowplows to use blue and white lights. The trial period was for one district in the state and will now be allowed for the entire state. (passed the Senate 45-4, passed the House 95-3) to Governor.

HF 2197       Third Party Testers. This bill repeals the sunset that is currently in place for Iowa based companies to administer their own commercial driver’s license exams. The law was created in 2014. It is set to be repealed in 2019. (passed the House 97-0, passed the Senate 49-0) to Governor.

Veterans Affairs

HF 2355       Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment. Creates a Veterans Recovery Pilot Program to reimburse for expenses related to hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Establishes a Veterans Recovery Fund in the State Treasury under the control of the Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs to go with the program. This is subject to sufficient funds, and does not include an appropriation. (passed House 97-0) to Senate Veterans Affairs Committee