Thurs. Feb. 15 – Wed. Feb. 21, 2018




HF 2119       Fish CAFO Calculation. Changes the calculation of fish under 25 grams for fish being raised in confined animal feeding operations (passed House 97-0) to Senate Agriculture

HF 2340       Controversies Involving Fence Viewers. Creates conflict of interest criteria for fence viewers (passed House  98-0)  to Senate Local Government


SF 455          District Cost Per Pupil (DCPP) Inequity and Transportation Funding.  As amended by the House,  the bill builds in a supplemental funding amount of $2.5 million to pay for the District Cost Per Pupil (DCPP) inequity that would be distributed to school districts.  It does not provide property tax relief.  Instead of providing assistance to all school districts over 10 years on transportation costs, it does a 1-year buy down worth a total of $11.2 million, to the highest transportation cost districts to an amount of $432 per pupil transported.  The current average transportation cost per pupil state wide is $314.  (passed House 92-5) to the Senate Floor with House Amendment

Commerce Committee

HF 2172       Pyramid Schemes. This legislation deals with defining what is a pyramid or promotional scheme, by defining them in the Consumer Frauds section of the Code. The legislation is brought forward by the industry and has been passed in other states. (passed House 97-0) to Senate.

HF 2175       Life Insurance Technical Change. This comes from the Insurance Industry and allows for 3% maximum value in CM3 mezzanine loans of life insurances legal reserve. The current law allows for 2%. (passed House 98-0) to Senate and attached to SF 2172.

HF 2175       Life Insurance Technical Change. This comes from the Insurance Industry and allows for 3% maximum value in CM3 mezzanine loans of life insurances legal reserve. The current law allows for 2%. (passed House 98-0) to Senate and attached to SF 2172.

HF 2236       Service of Process Clean Up. Technical clean up from the Iowa Insurance Division that provides uniformity in the Code regarding service of process. (passed House 98-0) to Senate.

HF 2237       Health and Long Term Insurance Care Clean Up. Removes outdates language about a clearinghouse website that has been replaced by healthcare.gov as well as Code clean up. (passed House 98-0) to Senate.

HF 2238       Insurer as Victims of Fraud. This will allow insurers to receive criminal restitution payments if they are the victims of insurance fraud. This language is in agreement with the Iowa Attorney General’s office. (passed 98-0) to Senate.

HF 2239       Securities and Regulated Industries. Technical cleaned up from the Insurance Division that eliminates outdated references as conforms to federal law. (passed House 98-0) to Senate and attached to SF 2275 .

HF 2286       Point of Sale Ordinances.  This puts a stop to local governments charging fees for point of sale transactions. This has to do with certain inspections and other ordinances that hinge on point of sale. (passed House 77-21) to Senate and attached to SF 2215.


HF 2235       Next Generation Iowa Test as the Iowa Assessment.  Due to concerns over a lawsuit over the bid process in choosing the next Iowa assessment which will cause delays in availability by the next school year, the bill designates the Next Generation Iowa Test as the new Iowa assessment for K-12 schools.  The bill takes effect upon enactment.  (passed House 95-3) to Senate Education Committee

HF 2419       Student Liaisons on School Boards.  Requires a school board to select at least one student liaison to the school board.  They would be a non-voting member, and receive all nonconfidential board materials to provide student viewpoints on policy.  It requires an application and selection process for the position, but the bill provides flexibility on the length of the term of the position.  (passed Committee 21-2) to House Calendar

HF 2438       SAVE Extension, Property Tax Relief and Additional Public Hearing.  The Secure an Advanced Vision for Education (SAVE) fund sunset is extended to January 1, 2050.  Beginning in FY 2019 the transfer amount from the Property Tax Equity Relief (PTER) fund increases by 1% each year if the sales tax grows by 2%.  The bill addresses the revenue purpose statement of a SAVE project to the electors, and requires an additional public hearing with notice.  (passed Committee 22-1) to Ways and Means

HF 2441       Flexibility Fund.  Addresses guidance issued by the Department of Education.  Funds from the Early Childhood Intervention fund is allowed to flow into the flexibility fund, and could be used for a general fund purpose.  The bill creates greater flexibility for At-Risk funds and allows a school to lease a building for an alternative energy project.  Only if the request violates the school district’s adopted program plan may the School Budget Review Committee return the request for approval.  Salary and benefits of psychologists, licensed independent social workers, master of social workers and licensed mental health counselors may now be paid for with at-risk funds.  The bill also expands the ability of school districts to lease property to now include existing school property.  Currently a school board has to pay out a portion of the lease agreement profit to other political subdivisions.  The bill provides that this would not apply for projects designed to generate electricity for a school district, which could be for example, as a solar power project.  (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar

SF 2113       Suicide Prevention Training.  The Board of Educational Examiners is required, as part of a teacher licensure authorization, or statement of recognition every five years, to require the holder to undergo one hour of training on suicide awareness and prevention.  A waiver would be provided for a person who is engaged in active duty in the military or for a person who is not living or practicing in this state.  (passed Senate 48-0) to House Education Committee

SF 2114       Department of Education Corrections Bill. Eliminates obsolete language relating to the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001, and makes other technical corrections.  The Before and After School Grant program is repealed.  The  program provides competitive grants to school districts and other public and private organizations to expand the availability of before and after school program and summer schools, but it has not been funded since FY 2009.  It requires that the state board’s rules provide a set of core academic indicators in science in grade 10, rather than the current requirement for core academic indicators in science, grade 11 to match assessment requirements changes made last session.   (passed Senate 48-0) to House Education Committee

SF 2131       Home School ILO Expansion.  The Department of Education’s  (DE) Iowa Learning Online (ILO) initiative would be expanded to allow home schoolers access to the program.  The person providing the instruction would receive the student’s scores for completed coursework.   Currently, only school districts and accredited nonpublic schools may partner with the initiative to receive ILO classes, and the participating school district, or nonpublic school receive the grades for recording for graduation.  Under the bill, a person providing the instruction would receive the student’s scores for completed coursework for the home school student.  The fee charged to the parent or guardian will be the same charged for public schools, private schools of $260. (passed Senate 48-0) to House Calendar

SF 2137       Drive Time on School Buses Increased.  Authorizes school boards to determine the riding time for students on regular school bus routes. Currently, the time limit for an elementary student to be on a bus is 60 minutes.  For high school students, it is 75 minutes.  The bill restricts the bus riding time limit to 75 minutes for all K-12 students.  However, a school district may extend the one-way ride time beyond 75 minutes for high school students if the board holds a public hearing on the bus route changes, notifies all affected families and adopts a resolution to go over the maximum allowed ride time.  (passed Senate 30-18) to House Education Committee

SF 2274       Department of Education Reports Cite Laws and Rules.  The Director of the Department of Education (DE) is required to cite the state or federal law, rule, or regulation requiring the information in any report which DE requires of a school district, area education agency, and accredited nonpublic school to submit.  (Passed Senate 37-11) to House Education Committee

Environmental Protection

HF 2192       Land Recycling Program Fees.  Increases the reimbursement fee that is paid to the Department of Natural Resources as part of the land recycling fee.  (passed Ways & Means Committee 24-0) to House Calendar

Human Resources

HSB 516      Non-Medical Switching. Prohibits insurance companies from switching a patient’s medication if they are medically stable. Exception for safety concerns.  (passed Committee 19-2) to House Calendar

HSB 630      Mandatory Reporting, Child Care Workers. Expands mandatory reporting requirements to those that work in a children’s residential facility and expands the list of offenses that ban people from working in child care to those on the sex offender registry and have an arson conviction. (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HSB 632      Medicaid Efficiency. Cleans up language in the hawk-I program, mandates that all counties share incarceration data with Iowa Medicaid Enterprise (IME), institutes a flat copayment of $1.00 for all prescriptions, adds a section that directs the Medicaid Assistance Advisory Council (MAAC) to review and make recommendations on Medicaid reporting requirements. Intent language stating the Legislature plans on promoting the effective and efficient administration of the Medicaid program. (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HSB 664      Department of Aging Department Bill. Department of Aging code clean-up bill with language conforming to federal laws.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HSB 666      Medicaid Work Requirements. Directs the Department of Human Services to submit an 1115 waiver to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for work requirements to be added for the Medicaid Expansion population (Iowa Health and Wellness Plan).  (passed Committee 13-8) to House Calendar

HF 2289       Iowa Care Act. Intent language regarding discharge planning and post-hospital services and supports. (passed Committee 19-2) to House Calendar

HF 2327       Mental Health Bill.

  • Allows for disclosure of mental health illness from mental health professional to law enforcement
  • Commitment laws/process
  • Allows for commitment hearings via videoconferencing
  • Allows for contracting with transportation agency for secure transportation of patients
  • Changes Core plus services to Core Services that are required.  Regions have to provide start-up costs
  • Provides 22 Assertive Community Treatment teams, 6 Access Centers, Intensive Residential Service Homes
  • Gets ride of reduction of fund balances in HF 504 from last year
  • Create 24 hour crisis hotline
  • Review of commitment processes report and report regarding the role of tertiary care psychiatric hospitals

(passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HF 2309       Dually Enrolled Medicaid/Medicare Members-Hospice Benefit.  For dually eligible Medicaid and Medicare patients, this bill will allow MCOs to directly reimburse the nursing home for room and board expenses when a patient chooses the Medicare hospice benefit. Currently, the MCOs pass the payments through the hospice care provider-adding to administrative burden.  (passed House 98-0) to Senate Human Resources Committee

HF 2370       Postadoption Information. Requires the State Registrar of Vital Statistics to give the parents of an adopted child a document prepared by DHS listing all postadoption services available to them. (passed House 96-0) to Senate Human Resources Committee


HF 2199       Illegal Use of a Scanning Device.  Expands the crime and penalties for illegal use of a scanning device.  (passed House 98-0) to Senate Calendar

HF 2232       Mortgage Releases.  Requires a mortgagee to record a written instrument showing the mortgage has been satisfied within 30 days of the mortgagor fully paying off the mortgage and increases the penalties for not filing this release.  (passed House 98-0) to Senate


HF 2297        Boiler Inspections. Increases the threshold for boiler inspections and changes procedures for boilers in dry layup (passed House 57-40) to Senate Labor and Business Relations

HF 2383        Employer Alcohol Testing.  Lowers blood alcohol test limits for private sector alcohol tests from                                                .04 to .02 (passed House 96-2) to Senate Labor and Business Relations

Local Government

HSB 601      Body Cameras Study Group.  A study committee would be formed under the Iowa Public Information Board to examine the issues and develop policy on the use, storage cost, retention and public inspection of law enforcement body cameras.  The bill specifies a diverse group of people with interests on this issue to be on the study committee which would also including four legislative ex-offico members.  A report to the general assembly would be required by November 1, 2018.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HF 2117       Court Documents Provided to Public Defender.  Requires the Judicial Branch, the County Attorney, or a political subdivision to provide court documents without charge to the Public Defender.  As amended by the House, the attorney is also required to provide the agency with a storage of electronic transfer device or system to be used to store the document with appropriate software.  (passed House 96-1) to Senate Judiciary

HF 2285       Medicaid Emergency Medical Transport (EMT) Federal Reimbursement.  As amended by the House, directs the Department of Human Services (DHS) to request authorization to provide a federal supplement reimbursement for a Medicaid EMT patient.  Every time the transport of Medicaid patient happens, this would follow through with a federal reimbursement.  If the federal program is changed after the effective date of the act that would negatively impact the reimbursement, DHS would no longer be obligated to continue with the transfer.  (passed House 98-0) to Senate Human Resources

HF 2433       County General Obligation Bonds.  Counties currently have to bond for the entire amount for a  construction project.  This bill would allow them to do a portion of the project through gap financing which cities can currently do.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HF 2437       Vehicle Title Release. Currently Iowa only allows someone when they release their vehicle to be sold to sign their title.  The bill adds the option of doing the cancellation of a vehicle title by way of notarized release form or letter which is allowed in other states.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

HF 2454       Emergency Medical Service (EMS) in a Township.  Currently EMS provided in a township is optional.  The bill requires it to be provided if there is a proposition by the electors.  The township trustees is allowed to by its own motion, to direct the local county commissioner of elections to submit the question to the voters if they receive a valid petition of at least 25% of the voters of the township in the last presidential election.  (passed Committee 21-0) to House Calendar

SF 2059       Assessor Electronic Information Allowed.  Allows the assessor to provide an assessment, notice or other information electronically instead of through regular mail. It also applies to items not required to be communicated by the assessor by law. They may still provide communications through regular mail. Electronic authorization would continue until revoked in writing by
the person, which could also be provided electronically. Information disclosed electronically is not public records.  (passed Senate 49-0) passed on file

SF 2227       County Resolution Publication.  Currently the County Board of Supervisors is required to post their minutes one week following adjournment.  The bill adds that the county auditor is to include a summary or text of all resolutions adopted by the board. The bill also requires a county to post the full text of adopted resolutions on the county’s internet site (passed Senate 49-0) to House Local Government

Public Safety

HF 2231       Department of Natural Resources. Requires the Director of the Department of Natural Resources to develop and maintain policies regarding private property rights, search warrant requirements, and investigate procedures. (passed House 97-0) to Senate Natural Resources and Environment Committee.

HF 2338       Ignition Interlock Devices & Temporary Restricted Licenses.  Requires everyone that received an OWI to get an ignition interlock device and removes all restrictions that are currently on a temporary restricted license. (passed House 97-0) to Senate Judiciary Committee.

State Government

HF 2020       Terrace Hill Piano.  This bill allows for the Terrace Hill Commission to establish an endowment fund for a piano competition. (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar

HSB 549      Requests for Audits. The bill establishes that if the auditor is asked to do a request by a member of the General Assembly, costs should be recuperated from the appropriate department. The bill also allows for examination instead of an audit of a local community.  It also allows for payments by a local community to the auditor are to be retained by the auditor and available for use in the fiscal year. (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar


HF 2193       Text Message Citation Notification.  Allows a person who receives a traffic citation to sign up for text notification for citation payments, court dates, etc. The text will come from a 3rd party vendor who has a contract with the Iowa Judicial Branch. Those choosing to use the voluntary service will see up to a 6% increase in their fine. (passed the House 98-0) to Senate.

HF 2195       Transportation Commission. This comes from the DOT and changes the time of the term for members of the Transportation Commission. Currently a commission member takes office and then the next month is immediately expected to vote on a 5 year transportation plan, that they have not worked on. (passed the House 98-0) to Senate.

HF 2196       Commercial Vehicles Hands-free . This comes from the DOT and clarifies that it is required that all operators of commercial motor vehicle are not allowed to use a phone unless it is in hands free mode.  This is currently federal law but this legislation specifically clarifies it in Iowa Code so we are in compliance. (passed the House 98-0) to Senate.

HF 2197       Third Party Testers. This bill repeals the sunset that is currently in place for Iowa based companies to administer their own commercial driver’s license exams. The law was created in 2014. It is set to be repealed in 2019. (passed the House 97-0) to Senate.

HF 2256       Reports on Bridges.  Eliminates a sunset on reports on county bridges to the DOT from county engineers. The legislation also directs the DOT to look at the impact of hybrid, electric, and other high efficiency vehicles on the Road Use Tax Fund. (RUTF). (passed the House 98-0) to Senate.

HF 2302       Emergency Vehicles. Makes an addition to what type of authorized emergency vehicles can exercise certain driving privileges by making the addition of rescue vehicles. Rescue vehicles must be equipped with rescue, fire, life support, hazardous material, emergency management equip-ment. (passed the House 98-0) to Senate.

Ways & Means

HF 2004       Small City Workforce Housing.  Clarifies the definition of a small city for the Workforce Housing tax incentives to not include any city not wholly within one of the eleven most populous counties in the state.  (passed Committee 23-0) to House Calendar

HF 2192       Land Recycling Program Fees.  Increases the reimbursement fee that is paid to the Department of Natural Resources as part of the land recycling fee.  (passed Committee 24-0) to House Calendar