Thurs. April 12 – Wed. April 18, 2018



HF 2429       Transportation Budget. Appropriates a total of $380,792,669 from both the Road Use Tax Fund(RUTF) and the Primary Road Fund(PRF). The appropriations go to fund the Department of Transportation(DOT) and various road and infrastructure projects throughout the state. (Passed Committee 25-0) to House Calendar.

HF 2480       Manufactured Housing Fund. This legislation creates a Manufactured Housing Fund under the Iowa Finance Authority and sets up a funding mechanism to work with financial institutions to help finance manufactured homes by an individual. (Signed, effective 7-1-18)

HF 2491       Agriculture and Natural Resources Budget.  Appropriates $39.4 million in general fund dollars for the Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, the Department of Natural Resources, and the Vet Diagnostic Lab at Iowa State University (ISU).  This is an increase of $900,000 from FY 2018.   The bill also includes $42 million for the Environment First Fund.  (passed Appropriations Committee 15-10) to House Calendar.

HF 2492       Justice System Appropriation.  This appropriates funds to the Justice Systems budget for FY 2019.  (passed House Appropriations Committee 18-7) to House Calendar.

HF 2495       Judicial Branch Appropriation. This appropriates funds to the Judicial Branch budget for FY 2019. (passed House Appropriations Committee 25-0) to House Calendar.

HF2493        Economic Development Budget. Appropriates $38.7 million for the Economic Development budget, which funds the Department of Cultural Affairs, Economic Development Authority, Iowa Finance Authority, Public Employment Relations Board, and Iowa Workforce Development.  The bill appropriates $670,000 more than FY18, with all departments, except Iowa Finance Authority, receiving an increase.  The bill also appropriates $26 million in other funds in FY 19, $2.5 million less than FY 18. (Passed Committee 15-10) to House Calendar.

Commerce Committee

HF 2446       Iowa Utilities Board.  Utilities Omnibus bill.  (passed House 98-0) to Governor.

HF 637         Background Checks. Allows an applicant with the Office of Chief Information to be subject to a background check. (Signed; effective 7-1-18).


HF2442        Concussion Protocols and Coaching Licensure.  Requires the Department of Public Health (DPH), the Iowa High School Athletic Association, and the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union to work together to develop training materials and courses regarding concussions and brain injuries and return to play protocols.  A coach or contest official is required to complete such training at least every two years.  A student removed from sports participation cannot recommence in any sports activity until they are evaluated by a license health care provider.  DPH would become the lead agency in developing a “Return to Play” protocols, and they would adopted by school districts and accredited nonpublic schools by July 1, 2019.  The bill adopts the Brain Injury Alliance of America “return to learn” protocol.  The information sheet provided to schools would be for grades 7-12.  So long as the health care provider providing care without compensation from a school district or accredited nonpublic school at a sporting event acts reasonably, they would not be liable for injuries or damages arising out of such care including if a contracted health care provider’s schedule prevents them from attending due to a documented “unforeseen circumstance.” (passed Senate 46-0) to Governor

HF 2467       Food Shaming in School Meal Programs.  School Districts and non-public schools would be required to provide communication on school lunch accounts directly to the parent or guardian, but could still discreetly provide communication to the student.  Requires that a school cannot publicly identify or stigmatize the student for being delinquent in their meal account.  This would include, sitting at a separate table, or requiring a student to do chores for food, wear a wrist band, hand stamp, or other identifying marks.  A student could also not be denied participation in afterschool program or other extracurricular activities due to school meal debt.  Meals provided are encouraged to be a reimbursable meal.  An alternative meal could still be provided, but would now have to be offered to every student in a manner that does not identify a student with a debt.  It allows school districts to set up a private fund within their nutrition fund that could accept donations to offset school lunch debt, and the fund can only be used for that purpose, and a school is allowed to also reimburse that fund with moneys from their flexibility fund.  Enables a school to proceed with an income-offset to collect if reasonable attempts have been made to collect the debt.  School staff are to contact parents twice a year to provide information on applying for Free and Reduced Priced Lunch.  (Signed, various effective dates)

SF 475          Education Omnibus.  Allows any school district to provide on-line courses through a private provider.  Students are allowed to open enroll with no cap on the number of students.  They could do this for two subjects if less than 10 students “typically” register for the course, and it is not offered by Iowa Learning On-line.  A resident district may charge a fee from the receiving district for the on-line student to be involved in activities.  Allows community colleges to supplant high school courses for concurrent enrollment in CTE courses if there are more than five and less than 600 students.  Creates a work group on student health requirements that are considered “burdensome.” A biliteracy diploma seal is created if a student demonstrates proficiency in two world languages, one of which must be English.  Contains a graduation requirement for financial literacy with specific course requirements.  The Senate floor manager stated that instead of amending the Ed Omnibus bill, there would be an attempt to amend a later bill to address local schools on-line programs and correct the flaws in the financial literacy provision.  (Signed, various effective dates)

SF 2318       High School Credit if Completing Unit of Instruction Early.  Requires that any student seeking high school credit from a class taken in an earlier grade, must come from a public school, or an accredited private school.  The public school or accredited public school are required to issue the credit if the student has satisfactorily completed a high school unit, unless the student is unable to demonstrate proficiency or the school district or accredited nonpublic school determines that the course does not meet local standards.  If the credit is denied, the district and nonpublic school is required to provide to the parent or guardian in writing, the reason why the credit was denied. (Signed, effective 7-1-18)

SF 2360       Dyslexia Taskforce.  The Department of Education is required to establish a taskforce on dyslexia taskforce and provide a report to the General Assembly by November 15, 2019.  They are to consider student screening, interventions, teacher preparation, professional development, classroom accommodations, and assistive technology.  (Signed, effective 7-1-18)

Government Oversight

HF 2475       Lobbyist Registrations. Closes a loophole of who should be registering as a lobbyist and updates gift language. (passed House 97-0) to Senate Calendar

HF 2477       Whistleblower Protections. Clarifies that any disclosure to the auditor of state regarding potential misconduct, that the auditor must keep all identities and complaints confidential. (passed House 97-0) to Senate Calendar

HF 2484       Building Code Advisory Council. Allows Building Code Advisory Council members to propose amendments to the state building code. (passed committee 5-4) to House Calendar

HF 2488       Temporary Permits to Practice Cosmetology.  Authorizes temporary permits to be issued to provide cosmetology services at a not-for-profit event. (passed committee 9-0) to House Calendar

SJR 2011     ABATE House Joint Resolution.  Authorizes temporary sale of merchandise at toy benefit ride for Iowa children. (passed House 96-0 and passed Senate 46-0) to Governor

Human Resources

HF 2445       DHS Departmental Bill-Code Cleanup. DHS Department bill that removes “homemaker services” from the Code because it no longer exists.  Also sends the bills from the Mental Health Institutes (MHI) directly to the region rather than the county auditor for processing.  Allows for a more efficient system. (Concurred with Senate Amendment, passed 95-0) to Governor


HF 2397       Criminal History for Employers.  Prohibits information on the criminal history of an employee from being used as evidence in a civil action against an employer.  (passed Senate 46-3) to House as Amended

HF 2443       Juvenile Delinquency Jurisdiction.  Changes the delinquency jurisdiction of the juvenile court and the confidentiality of certain juvenile court records.  (passed Senate 48-0) to Governor

SF 2303       Probate Deferment of Tax Payments.  Expands the types of security that can be used to defer paying inheritance tax for certain types of estates.  (passed House 98-0) to Governor

SF 2230       Kidnapping Under the Age of 18.  Increases the penalty for kidnapping a victim under the age of 18 to a class “B” felony.  (Signed, effective 7-1-18)

SF 2314       Corporation and Nonprofit Corporation Changes.  Makes changes to the “Iowa Business Corporation Act” and the “Revised Iowa Nonprofit Corporations Act.”  (passed House 98-0) to Governor

SF 2321       Conceal Carry of a Stun Gun.  Excludes going armed with portable electrical devices, such as stun guns, from the criminal offense of carrying weapons, except for minors.  (Signed, effective 7-1-18)

Local Government

HF 2258       Flood Mitigation Funds.  Currently governmental entities can seek approval of flood protection projects and the use of certain sales tax increments from the flood mitigation fund.  The bill allows funds to be used to reimburse the governmental entity for funds advanced internally or to help make payments on bonds incurred to pay for approved projects.  (Signed, effective 7-1-18)

SF 2227       Counties Publishing of Supervisors Resolutions.  Currently the County Board of Supervisors are required to publish one week after a meeting a copy of their proceedings.  The bill requires the county auditor to include a summary or complete text of the resolutions for publication.  If the county has a website, they need to post it on their website.  The House Amendment adds that the complete text of any questions or propositions submitted to the registered voters by the County Board of Supervisors.  The bill makes county publishing of resolutions like the city requirements.  (passed House 98-0) to Senate with House amendment

HF 2479       Emergency Medical Service (EMS) in a Township.  Currently EMS provided in a township is optional.  The bill requires it to be provided if there is a proposition by the electors.  As amended by the House, the township trustees is allowed to by its own motion, or if they receive a valid petition of at least 25% of the voters of the township in the last presidential election, to direct the local county commissioner of elections to submit the question to the voters.  (passed House  96-0) to Senate Ways and Means Committee.

Natural Resources

HF 2371       Exempting the State and Municipalities from Liability Due to Honeybee Hives.  This bill amends the Iowa Tort Claims Act and the Municipal Tort Claims Act.  State and municipality property would be exempt from liability claims relating to honeybee hives purposely placed on public property as long as the hive owner and the state acted in good faith.  (Signed, effective July 1, 2018)

HF 2466       Management of spreadable diseases among wild animals.  This bill designates the Department of Natural Resources as the lead agency in preventing the spread of diseases in wild animals.  The DNR can establish zones, create special hunting seasons, require samples from harvested animals, and other necessary actions to stop the spread of diseases.  The bill also establishes regulations on imported meat from states and providences with chronic wasting disease.  (passed Senate 46-0) to House

Public Safety

HF 2342       DNR Gun Sales.  Prohibits the Director of DNR, the seizing agency, and a family member of the seizing agency from purchasing a gun at a DNR auction.  (passed Senate 30-18) to House.

State Government

HF 2277        State Archivist.  Makes certain records that are in the possession of the state archivist and at least 75 years old, available to the public. Also allows for fetal death records at least 50 years old available to the public.  (Signed, effective 7-1-18)

SF 2155         Political Subdivision Investments.  Sets the amount that can be invested by local governments in a certificate of deposit. (Signed, effective 7-1-18)

SJR 2006       Line of Succession.  Establishes a Governor can appoint a Lieutenant Governor and sets up the line of succession for the office of the Governor. (Passed the Senate 35-11) Passed both Chambers and needs to pass the next General Assembly.


SF 449          Cattle Guards. Allows for a landowner to install a cattle guard on a road, as long as certain requirements are met. The cattle guard is to be installed at the landowner’s expense and has the liability of the fence. (Signed, effective 7-1-18)

Veterans Affairs

SF 2200       Veteran Events Disclosure Form.  Requires providing a disclosure, both orally and in writing, at the beginning of events related to veterans’ benefits.  Disclosure has to state that the event is not sponsored by a governmental agency or by any officially recognized organization.  The purpose of the bill is to protect veterans from organizations saying they will help them with their benefits for a fee, when they can get this service for free at the county veteran offices. (Signed, effective 7-1-2018)

Ways & Means

HF 2131       Hotel and Motel Tax Consecutive Days.  Under current law, hotel and motel taxes are not paid on any lodging of more than 31 consecutive days.  HF 2131 would extend this exemption to ninety days or more.  (passed House 75-23) to Senate Ways & Means Committee

HF 2478       Leased Construction Equipment Sales Tax.  Exempts from sales tax construction equipment for lease under the sale-for-resale exemption.  (passed House 98-0) to Senate Ways & Means Committee

HF 2489       House Tax Plan.  Reduces individual income taxes and creates new sales taxes on internet sales, ride sharing services, and similar products or services.  (passed Committee 13-10) to House Calendar