While approved by the Iowa Senate, several attempts were made this session by House Democrats to set basic funding for Iowa schools, as required by law.

The Iowa Senate acted on school funding, often called allowable growth, on time to prioritize k-12 education in the state budget. The plan set school funding at 6% increase, or $196 million, and set what is called categorical funding at 6% as well, which would provide increases in entirely state funding for teacher salaries, professional development, and early reading intervention.

Lawmakers heard from parents, superintendents, school board members, and teachers that all supported the school funding plan passed by the Senate. School officials said the 6% increase in basic funding for schools would be used to expand early literacy, boost student achievement, and reduce class size.

Despite multiple opportunities, the House majority party refused to act on school funding before the 2014 session adjourned for the year. The Governor was also opposed to the school funding plan.