After Republicans finally agreed to compromise, the 2011 Iowa Legislature finally adjourned on the 172nd day of session.  It was the third longest session in Iowa history.

Here’s the statement from House Democratic Leader Kevin McCarthy:

House Republicans spent too much time focusing on divisive social issues – which brought Iowa to the brink of a government shutdown — instead of working to help the middle class.

Republicans voted to end the state’s job creation efforts while Democrats fought to help small businesses and create good-paying jobs. Republicans wanted to raise property taxes on homeowners to pay for tax breaks for out of state corporations while Democrats reduced taxes for working families and supported a property tax relief plan that benefits small businesses. Republicans voted to kick 20,000 kids out of preschool and wanted to starve our schools for the next two years while Democrats worked to ensure our kids get a quality education.

Democrats focused on new jobs and opportunities for Iowa families and I’m proud of our work continuing the state’s job creation efforts, ensuring our k-12 schools weren’t starved for the next two years, and keeping kids in preschool next year.