Iowa veterans and their families will benefit from expanded support and services in the coming year as a result of legislation enacted during the 2008 legislative session.  Some highlights include: 

  • Job Security Act – troops called to active duty care return to their job at same pay and status (HF 2065)
  • Veteran’s Trust Fund — $3 million dedicated funding source to the fund, which provides services like medical care, job training, and counseling. Also expanded the list of expenditures that the fund can be used for to include prescription drugs, housing repair, and medical equipment. (HF 2359 and SF 2124)
  • County Veterans Affairs Commissions – establishes training requirements for local veteran’s affairs offices, requires every office to be open at least 20 hours, and provides $1 million in additional money for the offices (SF 2134)
  • Veterans Home — $20.6 million for renovations and construction of the Iowa Veterans Home in Marshalltown (SF 2432)
  • Veterans Checkoff – An Iowa income tax checkoff will be on tax forms next year with proceeds split between the Veterans Trust Fund & the Volunteer Fire Fighters Preparedness Fund (SF 2124)
  • Military Custody – Courts can’t change child custody agreements while one parent is on active duty (SF 2214)