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Sign the Petition: Stop Shortchanging Our Public Schools

February 2, 2017 4:00 pm by: Category: 2017 Session Information, Education, Featured, Recent News 4 Comments A+ / A-

Republican lawmakers at the State Capitol are fast tracking their bill to shortchange public schools. They just don’t want to listen to Iowans.

They’ve proposed just a 1.1% increase next year. That’s even less than the 2% recommended by the Governor. If approved, their plan for public schools (House File 136) will be the 7th year in a row of historic low funding for Iowa’s school kids. According to Iowa’s superintendents, any funding increase of 2% or less would force local schools to: raise class size (71%); layoff teachers (61%); delay textbook purchases (65%); and reduce class offerings for kids (58%).

This year, Republicans gave out over $500 million in new corporate tax breaks and credits. The Republican increase for public schools is less than 1/10th the cost of those corporate tax giveaways. Republican lawmakers and Lt. Governor Reynolds are also crafting a voucher bill which will shift hundreds of millions more of our tax dollars from public schools to homeschools and private schools.

The Republican approach means more school closures, especially in rural communities.

Sign Our Petition & Tell Republicans To STOP Shortchanging Our Schools



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  • Kathleen Braun

    As an educator, a parent, and a graduate of Iowa’s public schools, I know there’s nothing more worth saving than hour schools. Iowa has long been proud of what our schools have done for its citizens and for the state. Why would any legislator try to diminish and shortchange them? Please give our schools and our children the support they need to succeed!

  • Mary Dooley

    Cutting education in order to give new corporate tax breaks and credits is simply unconscionable! Those tax breaks won’t keep businesses here in the future if we can’t provide a well-educated workforce. And the growth and prosperity of our state and our economy will depend on creative, thinking, well-educated minds.

  • Teresa Perin

    We need to make funding our schools a priority. We can’t short change our kids’ futures.


    As was previously noted, money needs to be invested in Iowa’s children’s minds! Money also needs to be invested in schools’ technology, teachers’ in-service, and increased staff wages. School workers need to know that have a highly valued occupation. They need to know they are not at the whim and mercy of every political change!

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