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Be Informed! Take Action!

Vouchers. Massive corporate tax giveaways. Higher tuition. Less accessible and more expensive health care. State budget mess.

Iowa Republicans worked overtime last session to make life more difficult for Iowans and more trouble is on the way this year.   

We need your help to fight the GOP agenda this session.

This network was created by Democratic lawmakers and staff to inform, connect, and activate Iowans on Republican proposals at the State Capitol that undermine our progressive values.  Sign up for the Iowa Statehouse Progressive Network and receive:

Breaking News Updates: Updates from the State Capitol when Republicans introduce bills or plan debate on issues that attack our progressive values

Action Alerts: Steps you can take to help stop Republicans at the Capitol

Weekly Issue Update Email that includes:
* Comprehensive tracking of key anti-progressive bills, including links to read bills, current status, and bill summaries prepared by Capitol Staff

  * Key action steps Iowans can take to make a difference
  * Links to find forums for Democratic and Republican lawmakers
  * Links to find and connect directly with Iowa lawmakers

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Comments (62)

  • Gale Rivas

    I would have chosen a few more topics from your selection so I was only able to choose one!
    I would like to stay informed on Enviroment issues also.

  • Tom Willett

    I tried to sign up…tells me my “email is invalid”…
    Odd…I’ve been using it for years…..???.

    • iowahouse

      Tom, We will get you added to the list via this message. I’m not sure why it would be causing you this problem. Please email if you have any other questions. Thank you!

      • Lori Courtney

        I am having the same issue with my email address.

    • Suzanne Hebee

      For those having email problems, try deleting the space at the end. I had the same problem.

  • Frank DeBartolo

    Voting rights are of utmost importance because when voting rights are restricted all the other rights suffer. We must expose these voting restriction laws for what they are-fraudulent ways to steal an election. The republicans have resurrected Jim Crow.

  • Joe Gorton

    How does this platform work? I’ve signed up twice and still do not have access to a new
    way to acquire information. What is different from just going to the statehouse website?
    Joe Gorton

    • iowahouse

      Joe, You should receive an email every Monday with upcoming bills and information on how to get involved. The same info is on the statehouse website, we’ve just condensed it so it’s easy to access. We will also send out alerts of events and bills that are important for you to know about. Let us know if you did not receive the email yesterday and we will make sure your information is accurate entered. Thank you!

  • Linda Schneider

    Please don’t defund Planned Parenthood. Women and men rely on them! Please don’t repeal the ACA without a replacement. Please fix it, instead of repeal!

  • Robert Sulzer

    As a state employee, please protect collective bargaining for state employees.

    • Ruth Madden

      Collective bargaining is an important way to insure that employees have a contract that address the majority of a groups needs. Is it prefect? No it’s not! Will it be what every employee wants or feels they deserve! No it’s not! Would it be an efficient use of time for legislator to negotiate a contract with each teacher/staff member of a school in every district in the state of Iowa? Should we allow legislator to just decide what’s best for everyone without any input from the people involved. How did that work out for laborors, women and even minor children before unions. REMEMBER history! We should learn from it!

    • Username*

      YES, State workers need to be heard!!!!

  • Sharon

    It also said my email was invalid…

    • iowahouse

      Sharon, I used your email provided here to get you added to the list, I’m sorry it was causing you problems. Please let us know if you need anything else and thank you for signing up!

  • Cindy Brumback

    I have many issues on the list of concern to me. Not just healthcare. Women’s rights, jobs…

  • Ruth Madden

    20 years ago Iowa schools were 3 in the nation .. now we have fallen almost to the bottom. Thank for always fighting for our schools??! Thank you for leaving districts in limbo until after their budget are complete to let them know if you’ve funded them. It is a very efficient way to run the business of government.
    Perhaps we should use the same method to determine whether Iowa legislator including the governor should be paid. They could work for a ‘year’ then talk about whether you should be paid. We could use a lottery system to determine who gets paid. Iowa Loto seems to have a pretty good method.
    Iowa students and teachers deserve better!

  • Nicole

    I care very strongly about more than one of those issues. I selected womens, but I also wanted to select education and environment. Am I only going to get updates about what I selected?

    • iowahouse

      You will get information on all areas, we just want a general sense of what your main issue of interest is in case we want to send specific information to those people. Thanks for signing up!

  • Lori Kramer

    I am interested in all catagories!

  • Rhonda Berhow

    I am extremely worried about all of the issues listed. I am worried especially about the mentally ill narcissist President we have and the Republican control of our country. I truly believe that Trump is not mentally competent or capable to run the country. He doesn’t know what he is doing! He is just a crazy spoiled old rich disgusting sexist abusive Traitor! We need to regain control of Congress on all levels. That is the only way to protect our health care, environment, union jobs, women’s rights and the whole list! Please let’s do what we can to stop them and get Democrats to vote. Thank you.

  • Susan Nelson

    All of those issues above are “women’s issues.” The phrasing is antiquated, and even then subsumes a lot of issues. Do you mean reproductive choice, equal pay, child care, domestic violence?

    • iowahouse

      Morning! We are aware that there are obviously various issues under each category (ie education encompasses preschool, k-12, higher ed, ect) but we are just trying to form a general basis of what specific issues those who want to sign up for the updates are interested in. If we listed every issue it would be a very, very long list!

  • Linda

    It’s really too bad that we are limited to one choice of topic here to get updates on. I am interested in ALL of the topics. Please rethink this.

    • iowahouse

      You will get information on all areas, we just want a general sense of what your main issue of interest is in case we want to send specific information to those people. Thanks for signing up!

  • Leslie

    Email would not work. thanks!

    • iowahouse

      Leslie, We will get you signed up via the email you just entered. I’m sorry it is causing you problems. If you have any other questions feel free to email Thanks for your interest!

  • Myra Thompson

    I tried to sign up but the app refuses to accept my email address as valid

    • iowahouse

      Myra, We will get you signed up via the email you just entered. I’m sorry it is causing you problems. If you have any other questions feel free to email

  • Jan Lehr

    I am very concerned about most of these issues and understand that I will get information on all not just the one I indicated? Is it possible to get email addresses of the House and Senate Republicans?

    • iowahouse

      Jan, We will be sending you information on all issues, we just want to make sure we get some indication on issues that affect you most. To find Republican legislators email address to go. Here are email addresses for all Republican legislators.Bacon, Rob [LEGIS] ; Baltimore, Chip [LEGIS] ; Baudler, Clel [LEGIS] ; Baxter, Terry [LEGIS] ; Bergan, Michael [LEGIS] ; Best, Brian [LEGIS] ; Bloomingdale, Jane [LEGIS] ; Carlin, Jim [LEGIS] ; Carlson, Gary [LEGIS] ; Cownie, Peter [LEGIS] ; Deyoe, Dave [LEGIS] ; Dolecheck, Cecil [LEGIS] ; Fisher, Dean [LEGIS] ; Forristall, Greg [LEGIS] ; Fry, Joel [LEGIS] ; Gassman, Tedd [LEGIS] ; Grassley, Pat [LEGIS] ; Gustafson, Stan [LEGIS] ; Hagenow, Chris [LEGIS] ; Hager, Kristi [LEGIS] ; Hanusa, Mary Ann [LEGIS] ; Heartsill, Greg [LEGIS] ; Heaton, Dave [LEGIS] ; Hein, Lee [LEGIS] ; Highfill, Jake [LEGIS] ; Hinson, Ashley [LEGIS] ; Holt, Steven [LEGIS] ; Holz, Chuck ; Huseman, Dan [LEGIS] ; Jones, Megan [LEGIS] ; Kaufmann, Bobby [LEGIS] ; Kerr, David [LEGIS] ; Klein, Jarad [LEGIS] ; Koester, Kevin [LEGIS] ; Landon, John [LEGIS] ; Lundgren, Shannon [LEGIS] ; Maxwell, Dave [LEGIS] ; McKean, Andy [LEGIS] ; Mohr, Gary [LEGIS] ; Mommsen, Norlin [LEGIS] ; Moore, Tom [LEGIS] ; Nunn, Zach [LEGIS] ; Paustian, Ross [LEGIS] ; Pettengill, Dawn [LEGIS] ; Rizer, Ken [LEGIS] ; Rogers, Walt [LEGIS] ; Salmon, Sandy [LEGIS] ; Sexton, Mike [LEGIS] ; Sheets, Larry [LEGIS] ; Sieck, David [LEGIS] ; Taylor, Rob [LEGIS] ; Upmeyer, Linda [LEGIS] ; Vander Linden, Guy [LEGIS] ; Watts, Ralph [LEGIS] ; Wheeler, Skyler [LEGIS] ; Wills, John [LEGIS] ; Windschitl, Matt [LEGIS] ; Worthan, Gary [LEGIS] ; Zumbach, Louie [LEGIS] ; Anderson, Bill [LEGIS] ; Behn, Jerry [LEGIS] ; Bertrand, Rick [LEGIS] ; Breitbach, Michael [LEGIS] ; Brown, Waylon [LEGIS] ; Chapman, Jake [LEGIS] ; Chelgren, Mark [LEGIS] ; Costello, Mark [LEGIS] ; Dawson, Dan [LEGIS] ; Dix, Bill [LEGIS] ; Edler, Jeff [LEGIS] ; Feenstra, Randy [LEGIS] ; Garrett, Julian [LEGIS] ; Greene, Tom ; Guth, Dennis [LEGIS] ; Johnson, Craig [LEGIS] ; Kapucian, Tim [LEGIS] ; Kraayenbrink, Tim [LEGIS] ; Lofgren, Mark [LEGIS] ; Rozenboom, Ken [LEGIS] ; Schneider, Charles [LEGIS] ; Schultz, Jason [LEGIS] ; Segebart, Mark [LEGIS] ; Shipley, Tom [LEGIS] ; Sinclair, Amy [LEGIS] ; Smith, Roby [LEGIS] ; Whitver, Jack [LEGIS] ; Zaun, Brad [LEGIS] ; Zumbach, Dan [LEGIS]


    I am also interested in health care.

  • Sally

    I selected WOMEN’S ISSUES. Every topic listed was/IS a WOMEN’S ISSUE!!!!!!!!
    We also need to focus on election districting issues. Voting districts need to be taken away from partisan politics!

  • Donita snook

    Please sign me up. System says email invalid

    • iowahouse

      Donita, Sorry for you trouble getting signed up! We got you all set and you should be getting updates from us starting Monday. Thank you!

  • Lori Courtney

    This is my email address.

    • iowahouse

      Lori, Sorry for you trouble getting signed up! We got you all set and you should be getting updates from us starting Monday. Thank you!

  • cindy

    Please sign me up. it won’t take my email address either!

    • iowahouse

      Lori, Sorry for you trouble getting signed up! We got you all set and you should be getting updates from us starting Monday. Thank you!

  • Debra Arnot

    Your iowahouse wouldn’t let me sign up saying my email isnt valid. It is.

    • iowahouse

      Debra, Sorry for you trouble getting signed up! We got you all set and you should be getting updates from us starting Monday. Thank you!

  • Mary Dooley

    I’m disappointed that you’ve omitted agriculture. Don’t write us all off as die-hard Republicans: we’re not! Agriculture relies on trade; isolationist policies don’t improve trade so there will be plenty of room for Dems in Iowa to show they support agriculture. Maybe you intend to lump that into the economy, but in a farm state, you need to be seen as proudly standing up for agriculture as much as the other issues.

    • iowahouse

      Mary, We completely agree that agriculture is an important part of Iowa’s economy and we will do everything we can to keep it that way. Our list is not exclusive so if agriculture related topics do come in the Iowa Legislature we will be sure to inform you of them. Thanks for sharing your opinion with us and for signing up!

  • Joanne Jess

    One of my many concerns is the treatment of animals in Iowa and puppy mills

  • Barbara Noble

    Would have selected many additional topics – Women’s Health, Worker’s Rights

  • Roger Ripple

    We need to leave Planned parenthood alone. Women are capable of making decisions with there own hearth. This a organization that helps thousands and thousands of women with affordable healthcare. If they feel that the worker needs to lose bargaining rights and health benefits, then everyone in the house and Senate should lose all the hearth care INS. Lose the power to vote in any pay raises. Everyone should remember on DEC.6,2018, we vote for new Senate seat and House seats and Governor. I would like to have marked more areas of interest.

  • Barbara Piel

    I, too, would have like to have had more than one “issue of importance” checked. Actually they are All important and of interest to me.

  • Elizabeth L Leas

    I attended the Education forum tonight, January 30, 2017. We moved back to Iowa from Texas after we got married and had a child. I’m very concerned about the state of education in Iowa. My son will be entering preschool next fall. I’m afraid education has really gone downhill. Iowa HAS to pay it’s teachers more to keep & retain young talent.

  • Bert Ament

    All of the issues listed on this email are equally important. What’s going on in the workplace is horrific. Women’s rights are in serious jeopardy. Healthcare is a joke. We have insurance cost care. I want to know when the insurance companies got a liscence to practice medicine. They tell the doctors what they can and can’t do. Once you’re on Medicare you get passed from dr to dr with no resolution. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. Insurance premiums are outrageous and then what they pay is a joke.

  • Susan Kosche Vallem

    Since I am a mental health provider and supervisor, I am deeply concerned about the lack of mental health resources – mental health beds, need for a variety of placement options, community support for mental health, and the desperate workforce shortage of clinical social workers and miserably low pay.

  • Elizabeth Ahrens

    I too am concerned about all of the issues

  • Judith Wachter

    I would have checked all of the issues that were listed. I think they are all very important!!

  • Marian

    I signed up and received a confirmation email that I had signed up, on Jan. 26.

    Since then, I have received nothing.

    Shouldn’t I have received an email Monday, Jan. 30?

    • iowahouse

      Marian, Please be sure to check your spam folder, sometimes our emails get hidden in there but once you mark them as “not spam” they should show up regularly. We just sent an email update out this morning so please be sure to check. If you don’t see an email from us your inbox or spam please email us at and we will try to figure out why this may be happening. Thank you for signing up!

  • Holly Youngquist

    I would say ALL of the issues listed are important to me. I would also include voting rights, fighting Citizens United, and support for the State Library of Iowa and all libraries in Iowa. To fight Citizens United, I’d like my legislators to support and sponsor HJR2009 (Iowa Resolution to Restore Free and Fair Elections in the United States). The purpose of HJR2009 is to apply to Congress for a limited national convention for the exclusive purpose of proposing an amendment to the United States Constitution that will restore balance and integrity to our elections. Getting the money out of politics so that our legislators are more responsible to their constituents rather than their donors is imperative! Thanks.

  • Deb Hobbs

    I would also like to sign up for more than 1 category. Please add women’s issues, education, MCOs, and anything regarding Iowans with disabilities. Is it possible to also get information on bills brought forth by Republicans that Democrats can agree with?

    • iowahouse

      Deb, Yes! We will get you info on all bills listed above. Thank you for signing up!

  • Heidi Hamand

    I’m really disappointed that we can only choose one of the above. I have read the comments and responses and I hope you will understand my lack of trust that I will receive information on all of the topics.

    • iowahouse

      Heidi, I assure you that you will get information on all subject matters. Thank you for signing up!

  • Steve Roberts

    Preserve or improve IPERS !

  • Constance Andersen

    I’m very concerned about Medicare and Medicaid. We have a 34 year old daughter who has cerebral palsy and needs total care. She cannot do anything for herself and is in a wheelchair. We are definitely worried about Medicaid and if it is changed what will it its effect on her quality of life.

  • Julie Schropp

    I am concerned about further GOP attack on workers retirement benefits through changes to our pension. LEAVE IPERS ALONE!

  • Debra Stock

    I want to be kept informed on Ipers and retirement isued also

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