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Meet the Candidate: HD 72 Mindy Benson

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Mindy Benson

Iowa House District 72





Tama County Emergency Manager Mindy Benson announced that she is running for the Iowa House of Representatives in House District 72. This seat includes Tama county, the northern part of Black Hawk county, and the southwest part of Marshall county.

Mindy has worked in public safety for 17 years and currently serves as the Tama County Emergency Manager and 911 Director. She is responsible for working with all the communities in Tama County to assist their city leaders, community members, and first responders in any and every aspect of public safety, public awareness, public response, public mitigation, and public recovery for both natural and man-made disasters. Mindy also assigns 911 address to rural Tama County Residents and responds to disaster situations in the county when called upon.

Mindy was born in Urbana Iowa to Gary, retired Urbana Chief of Police, and Bobbie, who works at Security State Bank. She attended Hawkeye Community College while working full time as an 911 Dispatcher. Mindy is dating Dan, a police officer, and enjoys spending time this his children. She is also a foster mom and has cared for 13 children over the last decade.

Outside of working in public safety and being a foster mom, Mindy enjoys going to sports games with her partner and his kids, spending time with her family, photography, hiking with her dog, fishing, hunting, reading, and attending flea markets.

House District 72

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