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Legislative Democrats Release Plan to Put Iowans First

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Democratic lawmakers outlined their agenda called Putting Iowans First at the State Capitol this week.  After hearing from Iowans frustrated by the growing influence of special interests in the Legislature, lawmakers developed the agenda for the legislative session to put everyday Iowans back at the front of the line again.

In recent years, the Governor and Republican controlled Legislature have imposed policies that don’t reflect Iowa values and aren’t in the best interest of everyday Iowans. At the same time, Republican politicians have moved millionaires, corporations and other special interests to the front of the line — at the expense of working Iowans. They get tax breaks and backroom deals, while working families, seniors and students are pushed to the back of the line.

The agenda is centered around the idea that every Iowan deserves a decent paying job, affordable health care, and the chance to lead a good life.  The Putting Iowans First plan has four key priorities: bringing better jobs to your community; affordable, accessible health care for all Iowans; making Iowa schools #1 again; and revitalizing small towns and rural areas.  Lawmakers will be working on legislation throughout the year to enact the agenda.

For more information on the Putting Iowans First plan, go to

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