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House Moves to Protect Consumers Identity from Skimming Devices

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The Iowa House passed legislation to help protect consumers from devices designed to skim or scan credit card numbers used at places like ATMs and gas pumps. While current Iowa law provides some protections for consumers, the bill will expand the types of devices that are covered to reflect new technology and assure that criminals using these devices can be prosecuted.

House File 2199 expands the type of scanning devices that are prohibited to include new wireless devices that rely on technologies such as radio frequencies or Bluetooth. These changes assure that the law prohibiting the types of devices keeps up with current technology used in these crimes. The bill also expands the crime to include both directly or indirectly using a scanning device.

A new crime is created to include a person that possesses a scanning device with the intent to use the device to steal credit card information. Under current law it is a crime to use a scanning device to read a credit card without permission, but this change will assure when police find these devices at places like ATMs and gas pumps that the criminals using the scanning device can be held responsible.

The bill passed the Iowa House unanimously and now moves to the Senate for consideration.



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