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House Democrats Offer Plan to End Medicaid Privatization

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After UnitedHealthcare announced they are leaving Iowa on Friday, Iowa House Democrats offered a plan today to finally end Medicaid privatization and put Iowans back in charge of health care.

“Enough is enough. With 425,000 Iowans facing another disruption in their health care, it’s time for the Iowa Legislature to act now and end Medicaid privatization.  The failed leadership of the Reynolds Administration is putting real lives at risk.  It’s time for GOP lawmakers to join with us and prevent another health care crisis,” said State Rep. Lisa Heddens, who is Ranking Member of the House Human Services Budget Subcommittee.

House Democrats filed two amendments today to end Medicaid privatization and prevent another health care disruption for Iowans.  The first amendment would move the most vulnerable Iowans who need long term assistance (LTSS) back to fee for service.  The second amendment would end Medicaid privatization at the end of the fiscal year and force the Governor and lawmakers to develop a system that actually improves access to health care.  Both amendments were filed to every bill eligible for debate on Monday and Tuesday.

“I’ve already heard from patients and providers deeply concerned about losing their health care and going through another difficult transition. This latest health care disruption for Iowans is unacceptable and it proves we need to push the ‘reset’ button on managed care,”  said House Democratic Leader Todd Prichard of Charles City. “House Democrats are going to keep fighting to make health care more accessible and affordable for all Iowans.”

Last year, AmeriHealth Caritas Iowa left the state after losing hundreds of millions of dollars and left just two other Managed Care Organizations (MCO’s).  Thousands of Iowans, including our most vulnerable, were forced to change care providers and many picked United Healthcare which currently has about 70 percent of Iowa’s Medicaid population.  The Governor announced late Friday that United was leaving the Iowa MCO market.

Here are links to the two amendments:

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    The other important piece of the puzzle is the nightmare these private companies are to deal with in general. They never want to provide coverage. It takes months to get medicines covered when providers jump through their hoops and they never take responsibility. I’ve had them tell me “oh no wonder it’s not covered it’s a new drug and it’s expensive!”. Please stop this train wreck before lives are lost because our governor is too busy out making friends with big business

  • Karen Olson

    Please put Long term care population back on state fee for services the privatization has been detrimental to them in so many ways. I am a mother and care giver for my son and life is difficult enough without constantly worrying if medical care and care giver payments will be there when you need them No one in this population is trying to get more than they need but their needs are great and no for profit insurance company will be willing to meet their needs and lately it seems that the state of Iowa is not willing to meet their needs either.

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