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Republicans Reward Special Interests; Take Away Rights from Iowans

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Republicans will stop at nothing to reward corporate special interests while ignoring the hard-working Iowans in their own districts. Thousands and thousands of Iowans have contacted us in person, by phone, and over email to voice their opposition to the Republican bill that takes away rights and will lower wages for working families. But Republicans have stopped listening.

It’s shameful.

The Republican bill was written behind closed doors in secret with support from dark money, corporate specials interest groups and then put on the fast track so Iowans had no say in the bill.

It’s shameful.

Republicans have given away over $500 million in corporate tax breaks and now expect working families to pay for it by taking their away rights and lowering their wages.

It’s shameful.

Our teachers, firefighters, nurses, snow plow drivers, correctional officers, and other workers deserve better. They deserve fairness and a voice in their own workplace.

House Democrats will never stop fighting for working families across Iowa.



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  • Mike whitmore

    I applaud all of Iowa’s democratic leadership and the fight you took on with great passion for iowa’s public employee’s. We will remember you and help however we can to take back control of this run away freight train on worker rights.

  • Mary Kay Nissen

    Thanks to our Democratic representatives who fought for the rights of Iowa workers. It will not be forgotten next election. You knew it was going to be a tough fight, nevertheless, you persisted:)
    To the Republican representatives, shame on you. You are acting like sharks on a feeding frenzy. This country is in peril and yet you look out for your own self-interest. This will also be remembered at next election.

  • Laura Leise

    So proud to be a Democrat. They truly fought the good fight. I have never seen a republican fight for people that way. Thank Iowa democrats! We may have lost this one but we aren’t done!

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