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219 GOP Pink Slips to Teachers; Another 332 Positions Unfilled Next Year

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219 GOP Pink Slips to Teachers; Another 332 Positions Unfilled Next Year

Web Page Launched on School Funding Crisis

According to a survey of Iowa Superintendents, at least 219 teachers will receive pink slips this month and another 332 school positions will go unfilled next year.  With just 132 superintendents reporting so far, almost 2/3rd of those school districts (86) will be forced to raise property taxes next year. Those numbers will all continue to grow as more surveys are completed and the school funding crisis continues on with no end in sight at the State Capitol.

“When Republicans break the law and refuse to compromise, there are real-world consequences for our kids and schools,” said Rep. Patti Ruff, Ranking Member of the House Education Committee.  “This survey confirms that the Republican budget gridlock has already led to hundreds of pink slips for teachers, larger class sizes, and higher property taxes for many Iowans.”

Last week, Iowa school districts were forced to certify their budget for the upcoming school year without knowing how much money they will receive from the state.  After Democrats offered 6%, then 4%, then 2.625%, Republicans have so far refused to compromise on school funding.

“It’s clear the Republican intransigence is having a devastating impact on our public schools.  If Republicans aren’t willing to compromise, Iowa kids will lose out on opportunities next year with fewer teachers and larger classes,” said Sen. Herman Quirmbach, Chair of the Senate Education Committee.  “It’s time for Republicans to start listening and end the gridlock.”

To help Iowans learn more about how the school funding crisis will impact their local school, Democrats also launched a web page this week with the unedited information provided by Iowa superintendents at

The survey was sent to Iowa superintendents today about the budget they were required to submit to the Department of Education. By law, schools are required to give pink slips to employees by April 30.


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  • don scott

    It’s about time someone starts thinking about where the money comes as the piggy bank starts to rattle, “I’m Broke’ ! Lets start cutting school salaries and contribute it towards school funding instead cutting my salery with more taxes every time you get the idea that our kids need more extra curicular activities. Anyone that thinks more funding is going to improve our kids education needs an education on the downfall of ours schools educationtional results. Our kids would have better knowledge of school activities than educational ones if tested on both. Thats great if all we want is a bunch of future phys.ed. teachers.
    I agree, sacrifice extra coricular activity costs and give the tax payers a break.

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