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2018 Molly Donahue

Molly Donahue

Iowa House District 68


Mailing Address:
4408 Pepperwood Hill SE Cedar Rapids, IA 52403

Email Address:


Campaign name: Donahue for Statehouse

Campaign #: 2274

Molly was born and raised in Cedar Rapids Metro where she graduated from Washington High School, the school where she now teaches. 

Raised in a family with deep Iowa connections, Molly learned the value of hard work from her parents and as a teen working to save for college.

As a 27-year veteran teacher, Molly is running for the State House with the same values she was raised with and instills in her students –  hard work, integrity, and equality.

Molly is proud to live and work in the community that she wants to represent. 

House District 68
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