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2018 Denise O’Brien

Denise O'Brien

Iowa House District 21


Mailing Address: 59624 Chicago Rd, Atlantic, IA 50022
Email Address:


Campaign name: OBrien For Iowa

Campaign #: 2438

Denise O'Brien, farmer of Cass county announced that she is running for Iowa House District 21. The district is composed of Adams county, Union county and parts of Cass and Pottawattamie counties.

O'Brien and her husband, Larry Harris, maintain seventeen acres of the original Harris farm, 5 of which are in in certified organic fruit and vegetable production. O'Brien utilizes a greenhouse and high tunnel production to extend beyond Iowa's normal growing season. Chickens and turkeys are also raised for meat and egg production. Denise has mentored women many of whom are the next generation of farmers. She cares deeply about the future of rural Iowa and has spent her life ensuring a bright road ahead for agriculture in Iowa.

Denise has been involved in her community as well as in the agricultural sector. She is a co-founder of Women, Food and Agricultural Network, an Iowa based national network. She currently serves as President of the Board of Pesticide Action Network and co- Chairs the board of Sustainable Iowa Land Trust. O'Brien is an Assistant Soil and Water Commissioner for Cass county. From 2001 to 2003 O'Brien was a Food and Society Fellow, a W.K. Kellogg funded program. In 2012 O'Brien completed a year assignment with the United States Department of Agriculture as an Agriculture adviser in Afghanistan.

House District 21
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