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2018 Chuck Larson

Chuck Larson

Iowa House District 23


Mailing Address:
2457 Highway 275 , Sidney, IA 51652

Campaign name: Committee to Elect Chuck Larson

Campaign #: 2435

Chuck Larson grew up in Iowa and recently retired, after 44 years, from Mid American Energy, as a Journeyman Lineman.
Having been a union, IBEW, member, over many years and a lifetime of participation, including 2 terms on the North Polk school board and 2 terms as a County  Board of Supervisor in Fremont County, Iowa, Chuck has always involved himself in state issues, over his lifetime.  Chuck and his wife have been living in SW Iowa, over the last 25 years in a very rural part of the state.  Chuck understands all aspects of government and continues to speak on behalf of the people in all parts of the state and beyond.

House District 23
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